Sundarban Express Train Schedule 2024 and New Fare List [Update]

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Today let you know the Sundarban Express Train Schedule 2023 and New Fare List. The route of two popular trains – Sundarban Express and Benapole Express – is set to change from November 1, 2023 as per a recent announcement by Bangladesh Railway. The Dhaka-Khulna Sundarban Express and Benapole-Dhaka Benapole Express will now take the new Padma Bridge route instead of crossing the Bangabandhu Bridge over the Yamuna River. This route change will allow the trains to cross the mighty Padma river on the newly constructed 6.15 km long Padma Bridge, which is an engineering marvel.

Sundarban Express Train Schedule 2023 and New Fare List

The Padma Bridge, inaugurated in June 2022, is the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken in Bangladesh. By taking this new route, the travel time of Sundarban Express and Benapole Express is expected to reduce significantly. Moreover, the new route will bypass the traffic congestion on the Bangabandhu Bridge, which is on the overloaded Dhaka-Khulna highway route.

According to the schedule announced by Bangladesh Railway, Sundarban Express will begin its new Padma Bridge route journey on November 1. The train numbered 725 will depart Khulna at 9:45 pm and reach Dhaka at 5:10 am the next morning. On return, train number 726 will leave Dhaka at 8:15 am and reach Khulna at 3:50 pm.

In total, Sundarban Express is scheduled to stop at 12 stations on the Khulna-Dhaka route. These stations are – Daulatpur, Nowapara, Jessore, Mubarakganj, Kotchandpur, Chuadanga, Alamdanga, Poradah Junction, Kushtia Court, Rajbari, Faridpur and Bhanga Junction. An additional stop at Darshana Halt station is scheduled when the train travels from Dhaka to Khulna.

Sundarban Express Train Schedule 2024 and New Fare List [Update]

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Benapole Express will begin its new route journey on November 2, departing Benapole at 1 pm to reach Dhaka at 8:45 pm. On return, the train will leave Dhaka at 11:45 pm, reaching Benapole the next morning at 7:20 am. This train will stop at 11 stations on the Benapole-Dhaka route – Jhikargacha, Jessore, Mobarakganj, Kotchandpur, Darshana Halt, Chuadanga, Poradah Junction, Kushtia Court, Rajbari, Faridpur and Bhanga Junction.

Bangladesh Railway has stated that the rake composition, seating arrangement and other features of both Sundarban Express and Benapole Express will remain unchanged despite the route alteration. The new Padma Bridge route is expected to herald a new era of efficient trains connectivity between Dhaka and south-western regions of Bangladesh.

Sundarban Express Train Holidays and Train Departure and Arrival Time

Name of the station Weekends Time to leave the train Train arrival time
Dhaka to Khulna on wednesday 08:15 17:40 (5.40 pm)
Khulna to Dhaka Friday 22:16 (10:16 PM) 07:05

Sundarban Express Train Departure Time from Dhaka to Khulna in 2023

Name of the station Dhaka to Khulna
Daulatpur 17:19
Nawapara 16:52
Jessore 16:20
Kotchandpur 15:42
Chuadanga 14:41
Alamdanga 14:20
cremation 14:01
the sheep 13:40
Ishwardi 13:00
Chatmohar 12:24
Baral Bridge 12:08
Ullapara 11:46
Jamoil 11:32
Shaheed M. Mansoor Ali 11:21
Bangabandhu Bridge 10:45
Joydevpur 09:12
Airport 08:42

Sundarban Express Train Departure Time from Khulna to Dhaka in 2024

Station Name Khulna to Dhaka
Daulatpur 22:25
Nawapara 22:49
Jessore 23:20
Kotchandpur 24:00
Chuadanga 00:53
Alamdanga 01:13
cremation 01:32
the sheep 01:53
Ishwardi 02:15
Chatmohar 03:00
Baral Bridge 03:15
Ullapara 03:36
Jamoil 03:51
Shaheed M. Mansoor Ali 04:00
Bangabandhu Bridge 04:42
Joydevpur 05:57
Airport 06:25

Sundarban Express Train Fare List 2024

Sundarban Express train will stop at many more stations route from Dhaka to Khulna or from Khulna to Dhaka. The table below gives the fare list of various destinations of Sundarban Express train:

Station Name beautify Decorative chair first seat AC seat
Joydevpur 35 40 80 90
Mirzapur 65 80 105 130
Tangail 90 105 140 175
B-B-East 105 125 165 210
Jamtali 180 215 285 355
Ullapara 190 225 300 375
Baral Bridge 205 245 325 375
Chatmohar 210 250 335 405
Ishwardi 225 225 270 425
the sheep 265 270 335 450
Mirpur 270 320 425 530
cremation 280 325 435 540
Alamdanga 290 335 445 555
Chuadanga 300 345 460 575
Kot Chandpur 335 360 480 600
Jessore 350 420 560 700
Khulna 390 465 620 775