At NewsDhaka.com, we are committed to providing accurate and reliable news to our readers. We understand the importance of fact-checking in ensuring the credibility of our content. The following Fact Checking Policy outlines our approach and principles for fact checking:

1. Accuracy and Objectivity: We strive to present news articles that are accurate, factual, and objective. Our fact-checking process involves thorough research and verification of information from reliable and trustworthy sources.

2. Source Evaluation: We carefully evaluate the credibility and reputation of our sources before relying on their information. We prioritize official statements, primary sources, expert opinions, and well-established news organizations known for their accuracy and reliability.

3. Multiple Sources: Whenever possible, we cross-reference information from multiple sources to ensure its accuracy. This helps us mitigate biases, errors, and misinformation that may arise from relying on a single source.

4. Fact-Checking Process: Our fact-checking process involves various steps, including but not limited to:

  • Identifying factual claims: We assess the claims made in the news articles and determine which ones require fact-checking.
  • Research and verification: We conduct thorough research to gather relevant information, examine the context, and verify the accuracy of the claim.
  • Expert consultation: In complex cases, we consult subject-matter experts or specialists to ensure the accuracy and comprehensiveness of our fact-checking.
  • Transparency and Accountability: We maintain transparency by clearly documenting our fact-checking process and sources used. If any errors occur, we promptly correct them and provide transparent explanations of the corrections made.

5. Non-Partisanship and Impartiality: Our fact-checking process is free from political bias or any external influence. We are committed to providing objective and unbiased information to our readers.

6. Corrections and Updates: In the event that an error is identified in our published content, we take immediate action to correct it. Corrections are prominently displayed, clearly indicating the changes made to the original article.

7. Editorial Independence: Our fact-checking team operates independently from our editorial team. This separation ensures impartiality and maintains the integrity of our fact-checking process.

8. Feedback and Dispute Resolution: We encourage our readers to provide feedback and report any potential inaccuracies they come across in our content. We thoroughly investigate any disputes raised and make appropriate corrections or clarifications, as necessary.

9. Continuous Improvement: We constantly strive to improve our fact-checking methods and stay updated on emerging fact-checking practices. We learn from our experiences, adapt to new challenges, and evolve our policies accordingly.

Please note that while we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our content, there may be instances where mistakes occur. We are committed to rectifying any errors promptly and transparently, as part of our dedication to providing reliable news to our readers.

This Fact Checking Policy is subject to periodic review and updates to align with evolving industry standards and best practices.

Date of Policy: July 13, 2023
Last Updated: July 13, 2023