Bangabandhu Tunnel Toll : Private Car 200, Big Bus 500 Tk [Update 2024]

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The Bangladesh government has recently announced the Bangabandhu Tunnel Toll rates for vehicles using the much-anticipated Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Tunnel under the Karnaphuli River in Chittagong. The tunnel, considered a landmark infrastructure project for the country, is set to open for traffic in 29 October 2023.

Bangabandhu Tunnel Toll

According to a notification issued by the Bridge Department of the Roads and Highways Division, the toll rate for private cars, jeeps and pickups will be 200 Taka. For microbuses, the toll will be slightly higher at 250 Taka. Buses have differentiated toll slabs based on seating capacity – buses with up to 31 seats will pay 300 Taka, those with 32 seats or more will pay 400 Taka, while large 3-axle buses will pay the highest at 500 Taka.

For trucks, the toll is progressive based on tonnage capacity – 400 Taka for trucks up to 5-ton, 500 for up to 8-ton and 600 for 8 to 11 ton trucks. Trailers also have similar slabs, with 800 Taka for 3-axle, 1000 for 4-axle and 1200 for each additional axle beyond 4.

Bangabandhu Tunnel Toll : Private Car 200, Big Bus 500 Tk [Update 2024]


The notification containing the Bangabandhu Tunnel Toll chart was confirmed and shared with media by the Secretary of the Bridge Department, Manjur Hossain earlier today. The Bangabandhu Tunnel Toll rates have been finalized after extensive discussions and approval from the highest authorities.

The Bangabandhu Tunnel, stretching over 9.3 km, is touted to be the longest road tunnel in South Asia. Built under the Karnaphuli riverbed, the state-of-the-art tunnel will connect Chittagong port with rest of the country through an expressway. This is expected to boost trade & commerce and ease traffic congestion in Chittagong. The government hopes to recover the massive construction cost of around USD 1.65 billion through Bangabandhu Tunnel Toll collection over upcoming years.

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