Dhaka To Cox’s Bazar Train Schedule [UPDATE]

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Dhaka To Cox’s Bazar Train Schedule Here. The newly launched Cox’s Bazar Express train by Bangladesh Railway has generated a lot of excitement among travelers looking to visit the beautiful beach town of Cox’s Bazar. With the inauguration of the new railway line from Dohazari to Cox’s Bazar, the town has now been connected by rail to the rest of Bangladesh including the capital Dhaka.

Dhaka To Cox's Bazar Train Schedule

Overview of Cox’s Bazar Express Train

The Cox’s Bazar Express is an intercity non-stop train that will run between Dhaka and Cox’s Bazar using newly imported Korean rail coaches. As per Bangladesh Railway’s letter dated November 21, 2023, the train will start operations from December 1, 2023 primarily to facilitate comfortable and safe travel for tourists headed to Cox’s Bazar.

The key details of the Cox’s Bazar Express train are:

  • Train Numbers: 813 (Cox’s Bazar to Dhaka), 814 (Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar)
  • Total Seats: 780
  • Coaches: 16 coaches initially, will be upgraded to 18 coaches later
  • Train Schedule: Daily except Monday departures from Dhaka and Tuesday departures from Cox’s Bazar

Dhaka To Cox’s Bazar Train Route and Stations

The Cox’s Bazar Express will cover the following route with 2 main stations along with the source and destination stations:

Cox’s Bazar -> Chittagong -> Dhaka Airport Station -> Dhaka Railway Station

Here are the details of each station along the route:

  • Cox’s Bazar Station: Origin station for the train in Cox’s Bazar located right in the heart of the city.
  • Chittagong Station: Major intermediate station located in south Chittagong. 20 minute scheduled stoppage.
  • Dhaka Airport Station: Station located near Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka. Scheduled for a 3 minute stoppage.
  • Dhaka Railway Station: Terminal station located in Kamalapur, Dhaka. Passengers can connect to other trains here.

Dhaka To Cox’s Bazar Train Schedule

Now let us look at the detailed Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar Train Schedule for train number 814

Train No. From Departure To Arrival Travel Time
814 Dhaka Railway Station 10:30 PM Dhaka Airport Station 10:53 PM 00h 23m
814 Dhaka Airport Station (Stoppage) 10:58 PM Chittagong Station 3:40 AM 04h 42m
814 Chittagong Station (Stoppage) 4:00 AM Cox’s Bazar Railway Station 6:40 AM 02h 40m

The total travel time from Dhaka Railway station to Cox’s Bazar is about 8 hours 10 minutes.

The train departs Dhaka railway station at night 10:30 PM and reaches early morning 6:40 AM at Cox’s Bazar which is perfect timing for travelers headed to the beaches.

Cox’s Bazar To Dhaka Train Schedule

Now let us look at the return journey train schedule from Cox’s Bazar to Dhaka for train number 813:

Train No. From Departure To Arrival Travel Time
813 Cox’s Bazar Railway Station 12:40 PM Chittagong Station 3:40 PM 03h 00m
813 Chittagong Station (Stoppage) 4:00 PM Dhaka Airport Railway Station 8:30 PM 04h 30m
813 Dhaka Airport Station 8:33 PM Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station 9:10 PM 00h 37m

The total travel time from Cox’s Bazar to Dhaka railway station is about 8 hours 30 minutes.

Dhaka To Cox’s Bazar Ticket Prices

As per initial reports, the ticket prices for the Cox’s Bazar Express train will be as follows:

Class Fare
AC Berth (1st Class) BDT 1,725
AC Seat BDT 1,150
Snigdha Seat (AC Chair) BDT 961
First Class Seat/Chair BDT 670
Shovon Chair BDT 500
Shovon Seat BDT 420
Cheap Class Seat (sulov) BDT 250
Commuter Trains BDT 210

These prices are expected to be confirmed closer to the launch date by Bangladesh Railway. Discounted prices will be available for children and senior citizens.

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Train Amenities and Facilities

The Cox’s Bazar Express train offers a comfortable journey between Dhaka and Cox’s Bazar with the following amenities:

Seating Classes

The 780 seats on the train are divided across 5 classes – AC Berth, AC Chair, AC Couch, First Class and Second Class. The Korean coaches ensure wide spaced comfortable seating for all passengers.

Food and Beverages

Complimentary snacks, lunch and dinner will be served by on-board catering based on the time of the day. Beverages including tea/coffee will be available from the pantry car. Clean drinking water is available at all times.

Emergency Medical Care

Standard first aid boxes are available with the train staff. For any medical emergencies, doctors can be arranged at short notice at the nearest upcoming station.

Charging Points

Power outlets suitable for laptops and phones will be provided for every 4 seats allowing you to charge your devices during the journey.


LCD screens showcasing latest movies and TV shows will be provided on-board through digital media servers available in each coach.


Railway police personnel are deployed on the train to ensure full security of passengers and their belongings for the entire journey. CCTV cameras also keep a watch across all coaches.

FAQs Dhaka To Cox’s Bazar Train Schedule

Here are some common questions travelers have regarding the Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar train schedule:

Q: How much time does the Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar train take?

The train takes about 8 hours 10 minutes from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar with no major stops along the way.

Q: How frequent is the train service?

The Cox’s Express train runs daily, except for Mondays from Dhaka and Tuesdays from Cox’s Bazar.

Q: Does the train run overnight from Dhaka?

Yes, the departure from Dhaka railway station is at late night 10:30 PM reaching early morning in Cox’s Bazar at 6:40 AM. This allows maximum utilization of time at the destination.

Q: What are the different classes in the train?

There are AC Berth, AC Chair, AC Couch, First Class and Second Class coaches in the train.

Q: What refreshments are provided on board?

Standard railway meals (veg and non-veg), snacks and beverages like tea/coffee are served by the pantry car during the journey.

We hope this detailed guide helps you understand the complete Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar train schedule, route, amenities and more. You can now comfortably plan your trip and make your bookings. Have a safe and happy journey!