What are Jayda Wayda Braids? The Origins, Appeal and Care Tips for Janet Jackson’s Iconic

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Jayda Wayda braids, sometimes also called Janet Jackson braids, are a popular braided hairstyle inspired by singer and actress Janet Jackson. The braids feature sculpted, geometric box braids styled into creative shapes and silhouettes on the head.

What are Jayda Wayda Braids?
What are Jayda Wayda Braids?

Overview of Jayda Wayda Braids

  • Jayda Wayda braids are named after Janet Jackson, whose fans and friends affectionately call her Jayda Wayda or Miss Jayda.
  • The braids took inspiration from Janet Jackson’s iconic box braided hairstyles in the 1990s and early 2000s, where she sported intricate box braids shaped into different letters, symbols, and abstract sculptural designs.
  • Jayda Wayda braids feature square-shaped box braids, styled and shaped into various asymetrical or symmetrical shapes and silhouettes by a skilled and experienced braider.
  • Common shapes for Jayda Wayda braids include letters like J, X, O, zigzags, concentric squares, geometric blocks, waves, hearts, stars, and other creative designs.
  • What makes these braids distinctive is how the stylist intricately sculpts the neat, brick-like box braids into gravity-defying shapes that remain looking neat and defined.
  • The braids allow women with natural hair to achieve a funky, retro, edgy look inspired by Janet Jackson’s signature style. It shows off the versatility and sculptural possibilities of box braids.

The Origins and History Behind the Style

  • As mentioned, Jayda Wayda braids originated from iconic R&B pop star Janet Jackson’s popular box braided hairstyles from the 1990s.
  • Throughout her career, Janet Jackson has rocked countless memorable braided ‘dos with intricate parts and patterns shaved onto the sides and back of her head.
  • Some of her most copied iconic box braided hairstyles include her Poetic Justice braids from the movie, her geometric box braids from the “Together Again” music video, and her sculptural side swoop braids on the janet album cover.
  • Janet’s fans and inner circle would affectionately call her “Jayda” or “Jayda Wayda”. So when intricate, gravity-defying box braids grew popular in the 2010s, the style took on the nickname “Jayda Wayda braids” or “Janet Jackson braids.”
  • The braids style has echoes of 90s/2000s nostalgia and take symbolic inspiration from Janet’s eclectic style during her early career.

What Type of Braiding Technique is Used?

How are Jayda Wayda Braids Achieved?

  • Jayda Wayda braids properly require around 6-8 hours with an experienced, skilled braider familiar with sculpting intricate box braids. Doing these braids take patience, an attention to detail, and clever handiwork.
  • The braiding technique used is underhand box braiding, the most secure method, done on blown out and detangled natural hair. Box braids require parting clean quadrants and braiding the hair underhand into neat squares.
  • After the conventional box braids are installed, the stylist then starts shaping certain braids, using rubber bands, pins, and styling gel/wax to sculpt the hair into gravity-defying silhouettes.
  • The box braids have to be done meticulously neat and molded properly for the sculpted 3D shapes in the Jayda Wayda style to remain intact and last long. Too large or loosely done box braids will not hold the intricate shapes.
  • Salon stylists may also incorporate hair cuffs, gold beads, shells or decorative chains onto the ends of individual sculpted box braids for extra bling and embellishment.
Jayda Wayda Braids
Other Names Janet Jackson braids
Technique Used Small, neat underhand box braids sculpted into shapes
Average Cost $100 – $200
Time to Install 6-8 hours
Suitable Hair Types Healthy natural hair (at least 3 inches long)
Average Duration 6-8 weeks with proper care
Key Characteristics Intricate box braids styled into gravity-defying shapes and silhouettes (letters, hearts, waves, etc.)
Inspiration Janet Jackson’s iconic box braided hairstyles from the 1990s/2000s
Maintenance Tips Moisturize daily, tie hair down at night with bonnet/scarf, avoid overwashing
Jayda Wayda Braids
Jayda Wayda Braids

The Appeal of Jayda Wayda Braids: Why Women Love Them

There are many reasons why Jayda Wayda braids have soared in popularity:

Edgy, Retro Aesthetic

  • The braids have a very cool, artsy, edgy vibe that stands out from basic box braids. Women love the gravity-defying shapes that make a bold fashion statement.
  • They also have heavy nostalgic influences and that desirable throwback quality recalling Janet Jackson in the 90’s golden era. It’s an edgy look inspired by a cultural icon.

Emphasize Natural Beauty

  • Jayda Wayda braids keep the hair neat and locked away while making a statement. The sculpted braids are a method of protective styling.
  • Like all braided styles, it allows black women to showcase their natural beauty without needing hair extensions, wigs, or chemicals.

Creativity and Individuality

  • No two Jayda Wayda braids are alike! Women can choose between endless creative designs like hearts, cubes, lips, letters, zigzags, etc.
  • Customizing the silhouette patterns in the braids allows women to show off their unique personality and sense of style through their hair.

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Costs, Maintenance Tips, and How Long They Last

  • On average, the Jayda Wayda style costs $100 to $200 depending on the braider’s experience level and how many hours it takes to install the intricate braids.
  • Maintenance is crucial. Like box braids, use a light hair oil daily to moisturize the hair and braid base to reduce buildup and dandruff. Tie hair down with a scarf or bonnet at night.
  • Also avoid too much hair manipulation daily and excessive pulling on the braids to preserve the sculpted shapes.
  • On average with proper aftercare, Jayda Wayda braids can last 6-8 weeks. The box braids may start to loosen a bit but the silhouette shapes can stay mostly intact.
  • Make sure to avoid exposing the braids too much to pool water, sweat, or humidity for longevity. Workouts, swimming, etc may compromise how long Jayda Wayda braids last.

Are There Any Risks or Things to Consider Before Getting Jayda Wayda Braids?

Things clients should consider beforehand:

  • Finding an experienced braider is crucial – inexperienced braiders will not be able to achieve the gravity-defying sculpted finish of Jayda Wayda braids.
  • Make sure your hair is healthy enough for box braids. Bleached, heat damaged, and very short hair (less than 3 inches) is not suitable.
  • Realistic expectations on upkeep – Jayda Wayda braids need extra special attention when moisturizing hair/scalp and handling the braids gently since they are so intricate. They also need very neat parts.
  • Allergies to hair products should be disclosed to the braider beforehand.
  • There can be tension on the edges from the tight neat braiding technique. Make sure to massage scalp and edges daily.

Overall, Jayda Wayda braids allow women to channel their inner Janet Jackson with these iconic, head-turning 90’s inspired braids. Choose a talented stylist well-versed in sculpting box braids, maintain the style diligently after, and rock your Jayda Wayda braids proudly!

Who is Jayda Wayda?

Who is Jayda Wayda?

The name Jayda Wayda is likely a variation of Janet’s middle name, Damita Jo. Over the course of her long career, some of Janet Jackson’s closest friends, family members and fans have referred to her as “Jayda” or “Miss Jayda.”

The braided hairstyle inspired by Janet Jackson’s signature box braids then became known as “Jayda Wayda braids.” So while Jayda Wayda started as a sweet nickname for Janet from her loved ones, it evolved as a moniker for the iconic sculptural braid look she pioneered in the 90s/2000s.

When people spot someone now with intricate, gravity-defying box braids molded into different letters or shapes, they’ll point it out as “Wow, she’s rocking those Jayda Wayda braids!” Thus, the nickname has become symbolic of Ms. Jackson’s one-of-a-kind braiding style.

So in summary, “Jayda Wayda” was originally used within Janet Jackson’s inner circle to refer fondly to the beloved pop icon herself. But now Jayda Wayda also signifies the iconic box braids that were inspired by some of Janet’s most legendary hairstyles over the years.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jayda Wayda Braids

How much do Jayda Wayda braids cost?

They range from $100 to $200+ depending on the braiders experience, time and labor it takes to sculpt intricate box braids for 6-8 hours.

What kind of hair is suitable to get Jayda Wayda braids?

Healthy, natural hair at least 3 inches long that can hold box braids. Permed, color treated or heat damaged hair is not suitable. Extensions can be added if your natural hair is too short.

How long do they last?

Like box braids, Jayda Wayda braids can last 6-8 weeks with proper maintenance and care in avoiding excessive moisture exposure. The braids may loosen but the silhouette sculpted shapes can hold.

How do you sleep with Jayda Wayda braids?

Always sleep with a satin bonnet and tie hair down gently with a scarf. Avoid sleeping directly on the braids to minimize friction which can compromise the neat, sculpted shapes. A satin pillowcase also helps.

How often should I wash Jayda Wayda braids?

Only wash 1-2 times a month max. Overwashing causes frizz, loosening of braids, and buildup. Use a dry shampoo spray in between full wash days when hair/scalp feel dirty.

Do I need hair extensions for Jayda Wayda braids?

No, most people get them done with just their natural hair if it is long enough (at least 3 inches) to box braid successfully. But hair extensions can be added seamlessly if your hair is too short.