ULLU Farebi Yaar Cast : Exploring the Talented Actors Behind the Popular Web Series

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The Indian web series ULLU Farebi Yaar Cast has quickly become a sensation among young adult audiences since its release in late 2022. With its provocative storyline centered around the romantic relationships of young Indians, combined with bold acting performances, the show has garnered significant attention.

In this article, we will explore the talented actors that comprise the cast of this buzzworthy ULLU web series.

ULLU Farebi Yaar Cast
ULLU Farebi Yaar Cast

Overview of ULLU Farebi Yaar

Created exclusively for the ULLU digital streaming platform, “Farebi Yaar” offers viewers a dramatic look into the entanglements of modern romance. The show interweaves the stories of several couples at different stages of life facing various challenges in their relationships.

From the fiery passion of new love to the comfortable domesticity of longtime partnerships, “Farebi Yaar” runs the gamut of romantic experiences. Scandalous betrayals, heartwarming reconciliations, smoldering sensuality – this addictive series has it all.

Let’s get to know the cast bringing these diverse romantic tales to life on screen.

Actor Character Description
Anjali Sinha Saanvi Spirited college student in a turbulent relationship
Garima Jain Isha Commitment-phobic lead caught in love triangles
Raunaq Kamdar Veer Charming playboy who upends relationships
Shivam Khattar Raj Dependable boyfriend struggling to keep his partner
Aditi Malik Stuti Prim wife hiding secrets and a mysterious past
Sahil Uppal Sahil Husband weighted by unrealized dreams and regrets
Sheetal Tiwari Naina Bitter, vengeful woman who reveals ugly motivations
Mayank Verma Angad Manipulative schemer with toxic entitlement and arrogance

Meet the Central Characters

These leading ladies and gentlemen form the emotional core of “ULLU Farebi Yaar.” Their tumultuous journeys of love connect all the narrative threads of the series.

Anjali Sinha as Saanvi

Playing the role of spirited college student Saanvi, Anjali Sinha makes her acting debut on “Farebi Yaar.” As one of the youngest members of the central cast, her passionate performance ushers in a fresh energy to the show.

Garima Jain as Isha

Starring as the commitment-phobic Isha, Garima Jain brings her fiery brand of intensity to this complicated character. Isha’s tangled relationships drive major drama throughout the first season of the series.

With her emotive acting chops, Jain adeptly captures her unpredictable character’s internal turmoil.

Raunaq Kamdar as Veer

In the role of charming playboy Veer, actor Raunaq Kamdar compellingly depicts a dangerous yet irresistible masculinity. His effortless magnetism provides a striking counterpoint to the female characters in the show.

Kamdar’s standout performance lies in unveiling the hidden vulnerabilities lying beneath his character’s suave exterior.

Shivam Khattar as Raj

As Raj, the longtime boyfriend of lead character Isha, actor Shivam Khattar ably presents an understated portrait of compassion. His gentle dependability highlights the contradictions in his flighty partner.

Khattar’s empathetic acting avoids easy categorization, lending nuance and depth to his steadfast role among the explosive drama surrounding him.

Supporting Cast

While the four leads carry the banner of the show, “ULLU Farebi Yaar” also boasts an array of talented supporting actors in impactful side roles.

Aditi Malik as Stuti

Appearing as Sahil’s prim and proper wife Stuti, Aditi Malik generates suspense around her character’s hidden thoughts and secret past. Through coy glances and subtle gestures, Malik hints at unseen depths below her pleasing surface.

Sahil Uppal as Sahil

In the role of floundering husband Sahil, Sahil Uppal presents a nuanced examination of defeated dreams and corroded idealism. His interactions with Stuti overflow with unspoken words and repressed regrets.

Uppal’s exceptional non-verbal acting conveys the poignancy of his character’s resignation.

Sheetal Tiwari as Naina

Starring as the bitterness-consumed Naina, Sheetal Tiwari sinks her teeth into an unlikeable yet compelling character. Her revelatory monologues expose motivations steeped in delusion and envy.

Through this vengeful role, Tiwari displays her immense range and risks averse character choices.

Mayank Verma as Angad

In the part of wily schemer Angad, fast-rising actor Mayank Verma presents a portrait of toxic entitlement and manipulation. His smug charm masks sinister intentions toward the female characters in the show.

Verma’s breakout performance emanates cold calculation and arrogant self-absorption.

The collective talent contained in the cast of “ULLU Farebi Yaar” allows the show to captivate audiences with an authentic glimpse into modern relationships. Their acting chemistry will undoubtedly propel forthcoming seasons of this steamy series.

Frequently Asked Questions about ULLU Farebi Yaar Cast

Who is the lead actress in ULLU Farebi Yaar?

The main female lead of the series is Garima Jain starring as the character Isha. Her central storyline drives much of the show’s drama in Season 1.

How many episodes are there in Season 1?

The first season consists of 15 episodes ranging from 20 to 30 minutes each.

Who plays Veer in Farebi Yaar?

The actor starring as playboy Veer is Raunaq Kamdar. His risky romance with Isha stirs up chaos.

Is ULLU Farebi Yaar cast married in real life?

While the lead actors are unmarried in their early twenties, supporting players Aditi Malik and Sahil Uppal who play Stuti and Sahil actually happen to be husband and wife!

Are all episodes of Farebi Yaar bold?

While much of the show contains intimate scenes given its romantic subject matter, there is also plenty of story and drama around the relationships. But yes, its streaming home ULLU is known for bold, uncensored content.

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