What is the TikTok Leggings Legs Trend? [Detail Story]

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The TikTok leggings legs trend, also known as the #leggingslegs challenge, refers to a viral social media trend that emerged in 2022 where people, primarily women, show off their legs and bodies in tight leggings. The trend aims to promote body positivity and self-confidence regardless of body type.

What is the TikTok Leggings Legs Trend?
What is the TikTok Leggings Legs Trend?

Origins of TikTok Leggings Legs Trend

The earliest evidence of the trend dates back to December 2021, when TikTok user @ggaribottlefirst posted a video dancing and showing off her legs in a pair of black leggings. The video’s caption read, “Do I have leggings legs?” and it quickly amassed over 3 million views.

As the initial video went viral, more and more TikTok users, many inspired by @ggaribottlefirst, began posting their own leggings legs videos. By March 2022, the hashtag #leggingslegs had over 180 million views on TikTok. Several related hashtags also emerged, including #leggingscheck and #ratemylegs.

Why Did It Go Viral?

There are several key reasons why the leggings legs videos struck a chord among TikTok users:

Promotion of Body Positivity

The videos provide an inclusive venue for women of all body types to celebrate their figures. Unlike past social media fitness and beauty trends that focused exclusively on thin or athletic body types, the #leggingslegs trend encourages self-acceptance.

Fun Way to Boost Confidence

For many participants, posting a leggings legs video can be a playful confidence booster. The lighthearted nature makes it easier for women to step outside their comfort zones.

Sense of Community

The trend brings women together around a shared experience. Comment sections on leggings legs videos tend to feature overwhelming support and compliments. This creates a positive community.

TikTok Leggings Legs
TikTok Leggings Legs

Common Elements of Leggings Legs Videos

While each video has its own creative flair, there are a few common elements:

Signature Leggings

Nearly all videos feature form-fitting, often high-waisted leggings that showcase the shape of the participant’s legs. Black leggings are the most popular, but colors and patterns are sometimes seen too.

Modeling and Dancing

Participants model their leggings by showing off various poses and angles. Moving the legs – dancing, walking, squatting – is also very common. Both showcase shape.

Confident Attitudes

Smiling, voguing, and exuding self-assurance are hallmarks of the videos. Mouthing or singing affirmations on-screen also reinforce the messages of body positivity and confidence.

Reactions and Controversies

As with any viral sensation, the leggings legs trend has seen its share of reactions and controversies:

Concerns Over Objectification

Some critics have argued that the videos continue the long-held tradition of objectifying women’s bodies for attention. They claim participating in the trend to receive compliments on appearance can reinforce lack of self-worth.

Pushback on Body Standards

Supporters counterargue that the trend actually challenges traditional patriarchal beauty standards by letting women define beauty on their own terms through self-expression.

Emergence of Toxic Commentary

Unfortunately, any trend related to women’s bodies often attracts internet trolls. Some participants have reported receiving misogynistic remarks and body shaming messages on their videos, prompting a larger conversation around cyberbullying.

Debate Over Youth Involvement

There are also reasonable concerns over young teenagers participating and the potential for inappropriate messaging. Many call for more age-appropriate guidelines around social media trends.

TikTok Leggings Legs
TikTok Leggings Legs 2024

Evolution of the Trend in 2023

Heading into 2023, the leggings legs trend shows no signs of slowing down. If anything, it continues to expand across internet spheres:

Expanded Platforms

While TikTok remains the home of leggings content, the #leggingslegs hashtag has now made its way to Instagram as well with over 65,000 posts and counting. Even some YouTube Shorts videos have appeared, demonstrating cross-platform appeal.

Increasing Inclusivity

As the trend spreads, so does participation from more diverse body types and demographics. Videos now include older women, swimmers showing off bare legs, and yes…even some men jokingly taking part!

Movement Toward Body Neutrality

There is also an effort to shift the discourse from body positivity toward body neutrality – the belief that one’s physical appearance and clothing choices are not their worth and body comparisons should be avoided. This messaging aligns more with feminist principles.

Partnerships with Leggings Brands

Countless sportswear and athleisure brands have taken advantage of the viral moment by sponsoring influencer campaigns around #leggingslegs across TikTok and Instagram. Smart business capitalization, but some caution around driving consumerism.

So whether you find it empowering or exasperating, the leggings legs trend looks to maintain cultural staying power into the new year. Ultimately, its message resonates most with Gen Z users – body confidence comes from within, not shallow external validation.

Frequently Asked Questions on TikTok Leggings Legs

What are some of the most popular leggings brand featured?

Some of the most visible leggings in videos include Gymshark, Fabletics, Athleta, Outdoor Voices, alo yoga, Lululemon, and American Eagle. High-waisted compression leggings tend to be preferred.

Do people really make money from posting leggings content?

Yes, successful influencers and creators can monetize leggings legs content through TikTok’s Creator Fund, Instagram brand sponsorships, etc. However, most casual participants do it for fun and creative expression, not money.

Do guys ever take part in the videos?

Rarely, but yes. Search #guysinleggings on TikTok and you’ll find a few men poking fun at the trend by modeling women’s leggings and showing silly poses. But the primary audience continues to be female video creators.

What’s the difference between leggings legs and the leg pop challenge?

The leg pop challenge is an adjacent TikTok trend that features squatting or lying down to accentuate thigh curves. But the primary focus stays on wearing form-fitting leggings, rather than just positioning.