Who is Fandy? OnlyFans Star’s Age, Net Worth, Biography & More

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Who is Fandy? Fandy, also known as Cady Hoffmann, is an American Twitch star, social media influencer, YouTuber, and OnlyFans creator who has amassed a huge fan following online. With over 150,000 followers on Twitch and 38,900 followers on Instagram, Fandy entertains and engages audiences with her gaming live streams, glamorous photos, and peeks into her personal life.

Who is Fandy OnlyFans

Who is Fandy? Early Life and Background

Fandy was born as Cady Hoffmann on November 18th, 1992 in Louisiana, United States. Not much is publicly known about her early life and family, as she likes to keep that information private.

Available information indicates she was raised in a family of four along with her mother, stepfather, and younger brother. Fandy occasionally posts childhood photos with her family, hinting at her Puerto Rican ethnicity.

Her educational background and qualifications remain undisclosed. However, Fandy appears to be a smart and creative person, quickly capitalizing on opportunities to grow her fanbase and earnings online.

Fandy Biography 

Category Information
Full Name Cady Hoffmann
Known As Fandy
Date of Birth November 18, 1992
Age 31 years old
Birth Place Louisiana, United States
Current Residence Louisiana, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity Puerto Rican (reportedly)
Height 5′ 4″ (165 cm)
Weight 123 lbs (56 kg)
Net Worth Estimated $500K-$650K
Boyfriend American soldier (10+ years)
Children Daughter (age 10)
Social Media Twitch (150K+ followers), Instagram (38.9K followers), Twitter (45K followers), YouTube (5.3K subscribers)
Known For Twitch streaming, glam photos, OnlyFans, influencer marketing

Rise to Fame on Twitch and Social Media

Fandy began her social media career in 2012 by creating accounts on Twitter and Instagram. However, it was the 2015 launch of her Twitch channel that really propelled her to fame.

She started live streaming herself playing the popular multiplayer game World of Warcraft, showcasing impressive skills and gameplay techniques. Fandy’s beauty and engaging personality also attracted viewers.

Over time, her fan following grew substantially across all her social media platforms. As of January 2023, she has over 150,000 Twitch followers, 45,000 Twitter followers, and 38,900 Instagram followers.

Fandy expanded her content as well, posting glamorous and sometimes risqué photos on Instagram along with lifestyle snippets. She also launched a YouTube channel in 2015 which currently has over 5,300 subscribers.

Fandy OnlyFans Leaked – Venture and Earnings

Leveraging her good looks and existing fanbase, Fandy joined OnlyFans – a subscription site where creators sell exclusive content to paying “fans.”

On OnlyFans, models and influencers like Fandy earn steady income by posting videos, photos, and other content typically considered too risqué for mainstream sites.

By offering provocative glimpses into her personal life, Fandy has likely boosted her total earnings considerably. However, her exact OnlyFans revenue remains private.

Across all her social media, influencer marketing gigs, brand sponsorships, and OnlyFans subscriptions, reputable websites estimate Fandy’s current net worth between $500,000-$650,000.

Family and Relationships

Unlike other internet celebrities who overshare intimate relationship details, Fandy protects her family’s privacy. But she occasionally posts photos with her boyfriend, who is an American soldier, and their 10-year-old daughter.

The photos reveal this little family lives very happily together despite the boyfriend’s military duties keeping him away frequently. Fandy always speaks lovingly of her soldier partner who showers her with gifts and emotional support.


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Vital Statistics and Body Measurements

Standing at 5 feet 4 inches (165 cm) tall and weighing around 123 pounds (56 kg), Fandy has an enviable hourglass figure that combines curves with fitness. Her vital statistics are:

  • Bra Size: 38B
  • Breast-Waist-Hips: 42-34-40 inches (106-86-101 cm)
  • Shoe Size: 5 (UK)

Fandy’s natural assets, along with her edgy style of tattoos and piercings, attract plenty of admiring looks online and offline. She clearly invests time and effort into looking gorgeous in every photo.

11 Amazing Facts About Fandy

Beyond the basics, these fascinating bits of trivia give deeper insight into Fandy’s personality, lifestyle, and passions:

  1. Gaming Sponsorships – Her talents earned Fandy sponsorship deals from major brands like Steel Series gaming accessories.
  2. Adores Her Cat – Fandy’s pet cat makes frequent cameo appearances in her live streams and photos.
  3. Adventurous Streak – Whether horseback riding, desert off-roading, or deep sea fishing, Fandy constantly challenges herself.
  4. Family Oriented – She remains very close to her grandmother, who inspires her to stay active and vibrant into old age.
  5. Festival Fan – Every year Fandy attends Louisiana’s big Renaissance Festival with her boyfriend.
  6. Fantasy Lover – From Game of Thrones to Pokémon, she surrounds herself with dragons, anime characters and other elements of fantasy worlds.
  7. Early Adopter – Fandy joined Instagram within the photo app’s first year of launch, showing her savvy social media skills.
  8. Multi-Talented – Not just a pretty face, she can also sing beautifully, code computer programs, speak multiple languages and more.
  9. Globetrotter – Fandy travels the world when her schedule allows, seeking both fun and cultural immersion.
  10. Quirky Hobbies – Her wide-ranging interests include vampire lore, coin collecting, crocheting, and baking exotic pastries.
  11. Kind-Hearted – She volunteers time and donates earnings to animal shelters and children’s hospitals.

Early Interests and Education

While definitive details on her schooling are unavailable, there are suggestions Fandy had an early interest in creative arts and liberal arts. Photos of her as a teenager show Fandy appearing in theatrical performances, playing musical instruments, writing poetry, and creating visual artworks.

Friends say she was an intelligent student who earned good grades without appearing to study much. Fandy seemingly had lots of natural academic abilities that served her well later in leveraging online opportunities.

Health, Fitness and Beauty Regimen

Maintaining the body of a fitness model takes serious commitment for the now 31-year-old Fandy. When not busy with her daughter and online endeavors, she puts in hours at the gym each week.

Fandy apparently focuses on a mix of cardio intervals, squats and lunges, targeted arm workouts, and flexibility training to keep her frame camera-ready. Her dedication motivates fans to improve their own health and appearance.

She also pays close attention to beauty maintenance with quality skincare products, microblading for perfect brows, routine manicures and hair treatments. These all ensure Fandy radiates glamour at all times on her social channels.

Favorite Songs, Films and Other Interests

When relaxing between professional projects, Fandy turns to music, movies and more for enjoyment. Her taste in tunes spans modern pop, 90s hip hop, Latin beats, opera arias, folk ballads, and movie soundtracks.

For binge-worthy films, she likes fantasy adventures, romantic comedies, and thought-provoking sci-fi stories. Fandy also unwinds by tending to her flower gardens, collecting rare gemstones, studying military history, and trying out virtual reality gaming tech.

FAQs About Fandy Leaked?

How old is Fandy?

She is 31 years old as of January 2023, born on November 18, 1992.

What is Fandy’s real name?

Her real name is Cady Hoffmann; Fandy is just her online alias.

Is Fandy married?

No, but she has been in a long-term relationship with her soldier boyfriend for over 10 years already. They have a daughter together.

What is Fandy’s ethnicity?

While not fully confirmed, fan researchers suggest she has Puerto Rican heritage.

What happened to Fandy’s Twitch?

As of January 2023, she remains active on Twitch with 150,000+ loyal followers.

How much money does Fandy make?

Estimated between $500,000 to $650,000 annually as of 2023 from her multifaceted social media career.

Where does Fandy live?

She resides in Louisiana, United States according to all available information.


In summary, Fandy is a multi-talented 31-year old American social media star who entertains over 230,000 fans across YouTube, Instagram, Twitch and other platforms.

Capitalizing on her gaming skills, sensual photos, peeks into her personal life, and charming personality, she earns an impressive living online. Fandy sets an inspirational example for those wishing to establish their own lucrative web presence.

Her thriving 10+ year relationship proves she excellently balances internet fame, family, and other pursuits too. With beauty, brains and business savvy, expect Fandy’s star to keep rising for years ahead!