Mithila’s Birthday Gift to Srijit : Putting Breakup Rumors to Rest

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Mithila’s Birthday Gift to Srijit! In the midst of swirling rumors surrounding the relationship of Srijit and Mithila, a heartwarming celebration took place on Srijit Mukherjee’s 47th birthday. Mithila, the better half of Srijit Mukherjee, stood by his side, dispelling the breakup speculations that had emerged recently. The couple, who tied the knot in December 2019, shared a special moment on this significant occasion.

Mithila's Birthday Gift to Srijit: Putting Breakup Rumors to Rest

In a grand birthday celebration organized for Srijit, a preview of the ‘Dasham Avatar’ trailer was showcased, setting the stage for a memorable evening. The event was graced by notable personalities, including Jaya Ahsan and Mithila, who found themselves under the same roof. Nevertheless, it was the Srijit-Mithila duo that stole the limelight at the party.

Mithila’s Birthday Gift to Srijit

Interestingly, the couple unintentionally coordinated their outfits, adding an extra layer of charm to the celebration. Speaking about their matching attire, Mithila remarked, “It wasn’t planned; it just happened in the midst of it all.”

Now, let’s delve into the intriguing question: What gift did Srijit’s wife present on this special day? Mithila revealed, “The gift-giving journey began in Dhaka. I’ve been in Dhaka for the past week, enjoying delicious meals, receiving gifts, and now, there are no more surprises left. I also gave him the Punjabi outfit he’s wearing today. My mere presence here is a significant gift to him.”

Mithila opted not to prepare any special dishes for her husband’s birthday, as Srijit had indulged in plenty of Bangladeshi cuisine during their stay in Dhaka.

On a different note, Mithila expressed her disappointment regarding the rumors surrounding their breakup. She firmly stated, “I prefer not to address these rumors. Our family is quite straightforward. There’s no room for separate happiness; our family embraces both joy and sorrow, ups and downs.”