PoriMoni Puff Daddy Web Series Receives Legal Notice

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PoriMoni Puff Daddy Web Series Receives Legal Notice. Advocate Zainal Abedin Mazhari, a distinguished legal expert from the Supreme Court, has recently issued a legal notice concerning the web series ‘Puff Daddy,’ featuring PoriMoni, a renowned actress in the Dhakai cinema. The notice has been dispatched to various stakeholders, urging them to cease the promotion, broadcasting, and exhibition of this controversial web series. The legal notice stipulates a strict deadline of three days for compliance.

PoriMoni Puff Daddy

PoriMoni Puff Daddy Web Series Receives Legal Notice

On Sunday, September 24, Advocate Zainal Abedin Mazhari formally transmitted the legal notice via email and traditional mail to key figures within the Bangladesh entertainment industry. The recipients included the Chairman and Managing Director of the Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited (BTCL), the Managing Director of the OTT (Over-the-Top) platform Banga BD, the Chairman of the Bangladesh Film Censor Board, the Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, and the Vice Chairman of the Bangladesh Film Censor Board.

The legal notice highlights a pressing concern, emphasizing the need for clear policies in the realm of online content distribution. It points out that certain groups exploit OTT platforms to disseminate explicit content, ultimately corrupting the values of the younger generation while pursuing financial gain. In recent times, numerous pornographic web films have inundated these platforms, with a significant portion featuring sexually suggestive scenes that may offend religious sentiments and promote anti-cultural narratives.

In particular, ‘Puff Daddy’ is singled out for its lack of a positive message. The web series has been criticized for endorsing extramarital affairs, discouraging marriage, tarnishing the image of spiritual figures, and consistently incorporating sexually suggestive content. It is essential to recognize that the absence of constructive content in such productions can have detrimental effects on the younger audience.

Advocate Zainal Abedin Mazhari has outlined a set of crucial actions that must be taken in the larger interest of society:

  1. The immediate cessation of the ‘Puff Daddy’ web series within the next three days.
  2. A comprehensive overhaul of the Censor Board, ensuring representation by experts in relevant fields, including legal and religious scholars.
  3. The development and rigorous enforcement of censorship policies for all online video content, encompassing platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and OTT services.
  4. The establishment of policies that prevent the uploading of any audio, video, stories, cartoons, or images with obscene undertones without legitimate artistic merit. Such content should undergo scrutiny, prompt removal, and legal action against the responsible parties.

Advocate Zainal Abedin Mazhari has asserted, “I have taken this step out of a sense of responsibility. We must question what our children are exposed to. Silence on this issue will only perpetuate the problem. We implore film production authorities to adhere to regulations and produce content that enriches the minds of our youth. What lessons can be gleaned from such films? We remain hopeful that the relevant authorities will address this matter promptly.”