How to Dial Bangladesh from the United States? [Detail Guide]

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How to Dial Bangladesh from the United States? Calling Bangladesh from the United States requires a few simple steps to ensure the call goes through quickly and clearly. With the right codes and a calling card or app, connecting with friends and family in Bangladesh is straightforward. This comprehensive guide outlines everything you need to know to successfully dial Bangladesh.

How to Dial Bangladesh from the United States?
How to Dial Bangladesh from the United States?

Country Code and Area Codes for Bangladesh

To call Bangladesh, you first need to know the country code and area codes:

  • Country Code for Bangladesh: +880
  • Area Codes: There are several area codes used in different regions of Bangladesh. Some of the main ones are:
    • Dhaka: 02
    • Chittagong: 031
    • Sylhet: 0821
    • Rajshahi: 0721
    • Khulna: 041

So if you wanted to call Dhaka, you would dial +880 02 XXXX XXXX. The country code (+880) followed by the city code (02) and then the local phone number.

Calling Cards and Apps to Call Bangladesh

To dial international calls from a landline or mobile phone, you’ll typically need a calling card or app to avoid expensive per minute charges from your phone provider. Here are some good options:

Calling Cards

Some top calling cards for calling Bangladesh include:

  • Pinless Calling Card: No PIN required. Competitive per minute rates to landlines and mobiles.
  • ATT Access Calling Card: Low per minute rates and no connection fees or hidden charges. Good for frequent Bangladesh callers.
  • Habla Calling Card: Flat per minute rates. App available to manage account balance and history. Popular card among the Bangladeshi-American community.

Apps and Online Calling

Apps like WhatsApp offer free voice and video calls to Bangladesh. Other options include:

  • Skype: Make calls to Bangladeshi mobiles and landlines at competitive per minute rates.
  • Viber Out: Low cost calls to mobiles with data plan discount packages available.
  • Google Voice: Free calls to US and Canadian numbers. Inexpensive per minute rates for international calls.

These apps are very convenient for both mobile and landline use.

How to Actually Dial Bangladesh

When you have your country code, area code, phone number, and calling card/app – you are ready to place the call:

  1. Dial access number: For calling cards and apps you must first dial the access or connection number. For example, with Pinless Calling just dial their toll free number.
  2. Enter PIN code: If required, enter your calling card PIN code when prompted. Apps will ask you to login.
  3. Input number: Next, dial the country code (+880), the city code (02, 031 etc), and then the full local number you want to reach.
  4. Press # or call: Depending on service, press # to confirm number or directly call after entering it.

And just like that – you will be successfully connected to any number across Bangladesh in a few quick steps!

FAQs on How to Dial Bangladesh from the United States?

What time is best to call Bangladesh from USA?

The biggest time difference is 11 hours during winter, and 12 hours during summer (DST). So early morning and mid-afternoon tend to work well.

How much does it cost to call Bangladesh from a landline?

Around 5 to 15 cents per minute usually. Calling cards offer the lowest rates closer to 5 cents per minute generally.

What about calling Bangladesh mobile phones from USA?

Mobiles cost more, from 10 cents to 25 cents+ per minute typically. Calling card rates to mobiles start from 10 cents per minute.

Can I call Bangladesh toll free numbers from America?

Unfortunately, most Bangladesh toll free numbers only work within the country. Try calling via WhatsApp, Skype or Viber instead.

How can I get a Bangladesh phone number to receive calls/texts?

Some calling card companies offer virtual Bangladeshi numbers to receive calls and texts. There are also online services and apps that provide temporary local numbers.

Is a Bangladesh phone number the same as mobile vs landline?

No, mobile numbers in Bangladesh have 11 digits starting with 01. Landlines are shorter, with 8 digits usually, and start with different prefixes.

Do I need an international plan to call Bangladesh mobiles?

Yes, most US carriers charge from $1 to $5+ per minute without an international calling plan! Get a calling card or app instead for cheap calls.

Key Takeaways

  • Use the country code +880 and area code of the Bangladesh city to call specific numbers
  • Calling cards and apps like Skype offer the most affordable rates
  • Simply dial the access number, PIN code if required, and input the full Bangladesh contact number
  • Best times for calls are early mornings and mid-afternoon based on the 11+ hour time difference