When is the Best Time to Visit Brazil and Argentina? [Detail Guide]

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When is the Best Time to Visit Brazil and Argentina? Brazil and Argentina are two of the most popular South American countries for travelers to visit. Both offer stunning natural landscapes, vibrant cities, rich cultures, and world-renowned attractions. However, with their diverse climates and seasonal events, the best time to visit Brazil and Argentina can vary depending on your interests and preferences.

Best Time to Visit Brazil and Argentina
Best Time to Visit Brazil and Argentina

Overview of Brazil’s and Argentina’s Seasons


  • Brazil has a predominately tropical climate with two main seasons – a rainy season from December to March, and a dryer season from April to November.
  • Temperatures remain warm to hot year-round, typically ranging from 70-90°F (21-32°C) across most of the country.
  • The far south of Brazil can see cooler weather during the winter months of June to August with temperatures from 50-65°F (10-18°C).


  • Much of Argentina has four distinct seasons – spring (September to November), summer (December to February), fall (March to May) and winter (June to August).
  • Northern Argentina typically sees higher temperatures year-round while the central region around Buenos Aires has more defined seasons with cooler winters.
  • Patagonia in southern Argentina experiences colder winter temperatures and potential snowfall averaging 30-45°F (-1 to 7°C) in June to August.

When is the Best Time to Visit Brazil?

The best time to visit most of Brazil is during the drier months from April to October. Here’s an overview:

April to June

  • Conditions are excellent with clear, sunny days.
  • Fewer travelers than peak season so attractions are less crowded.
  • Prices for flights and hotels are often cheaper.

July and August

  • It’s peak winter vacation season for Brazilians and South American visitors.
  • Accommodations fill up quickly, especially in Rio de Janeiro and coastal resort towns.
  • Between the crowds and cold weather, it’s not an ideal time for the Amazon or Pantanal.

September to October

  • The weather is warm and mostly sunny with very little rain.
  • Major festivals and events happen across Brazil, like Carnival in Rio.
  • Travel demand remains high among international visitors.

If planning to visit the far south of Brazil, the summer from November to March brings warmer weather better suited for enjoying beaches, hikes and other outdoor activities in the region.

Best Time to Visit Brazil and Argentina
Best Time to Visit Brazil and Argentina

When is the Best Time to Visit Argentina?

The best times to visit Argentina depends greatly on the region and your travel interests:

November to February

  • Late spring and summer bring warm, sunny weather perfect for outdoor adventures.
  • From hiking Torres del Paine in Patagonia to exploring wine regions like Mendoza.
  • Peak season with higher prices for hotels and flights.

March and April (Fall)

  • Fewer crowds at top attractions after the summer crush.
  • Comfortable weather across the country with cooler nights.
  • Vibrant fall colors in Patagonia and northern forested areas.

May, September and October

  • Pleasant temperatures and unlikely to rain across Argentina.
  • Shoulder season – smaller crowds and lower prices before high winter/summer.
  • Prime time for wildlife viewing at Peninsula Valdes (September).

June to August (Winter)

  • Ski season is in full swing in Bariloche and other mountain regions.
  • In Buenos Aires the tango and cultural scene come alive.
  • Budget travelers will find flight/accommodation deals.

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Key Factors When Planning Your Visit

Weather and Climate Conditions

Check average temperatures and precipitation by month to find ideal conditions for your plans – a beach vacation vs. skiing require very different weather!


Peak tourist season from December-February means higher airfare, hotel rates, etc., while shoulder and low seasons offer savings.

Crowds and Lines

Expect fewer tourists and shorter lines at attractions by avoiding Brazilian summer (Dec-Mar) and Argentine summer (Nov-Feb) holidays.

Events and Festivals

Time your travels around major festivals like Carnival in Rio or Vendimia harvest celebration in Mendoza.

Best Time to Visit Brazil and Argentina
Best Time to Visit Brazil and Argentina

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Time to Visit Brazil and Argentina

When is Carnival in Rio de Janeiro?

The exact Carnival dates in Rio vary annually but occur sometime in February or early March before the Catholic season of Lent. In 2024, Rio Carnival will be February 16-21.

Is December or January better to visit Argentina?

January is peak summer with bigger crowds at popular destinations across Argentina. December sees plenty of sun and more modest visitor numbers after summertime school holidays.

What is the rainy season in Brazil?

Brazil’s rainy season is during the southern hemisphere summer, roughly December to March. The Amazon basin sees high water levels and frequent rain showers this time of year.

How cold does Patagonia get in winter?

During June, July and August, average lows are just above freezing while daytime highs average in the 40s Fahrenheit / single digits Celsius. Cold snaps can briefly dip below freezing.

When should I visit Iguazu Falls?

Either side of the falls generally sees the most moderate weather and manageable crowds in April/May and September/October’s shoulder seasons. Summertime means larger visitor numbers.