BCS Written Exam Preparation Books : A Masterclass in Choosing The Perfect Books

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BCS Written Exam Preparation Books! Have you set your sights on the prestigious BCS exam, but feel overwhelmed by the vast sea of preparation books? Fear not, aspiring civil servant! Choosing the right study materials can make or break your exam journey, and this guide is your compass through the maze.

Imagine this: You’re confidently sailing through the BCS written exam, effortlessly navigating questions on Bangladesh’s history, acing grammar challenges, and solving math problems with a flourish. Sounds pretty good, right? Well, that dream can become reality with the perfect preparation books at your side.

But with countless titles vying for your attention, how do you choose the ones that truly work? This comprehensive guide is here to demystify the book-choosing process and equip you with the knowledge to select resources that align with your strengths, learning style, and exam goals.

Get ready to:

  • Unravel the secrets of the BCS syllabus: Understand the different sections and the types of books best suited for each.
  • Become a book-choosing pro: Learn how to evaluate resources, compare features, and make informed decisions based on your needs.
  • Discover the top picks: Get insider recommendations for the best BCS prep books in General Awareness, Bangla/English, Mathematics, and optional subjects.
  • Go beyond the books: Unlock powerful study strategies like active learning, mock exams, and stress management to maximize your preparation.

So, brace yourself, future BCS star! This guide is your map to exam success. Let’s dive into the world of BCS prep books and conquer your dreams!

BCS Written Exam Preparation Books

BCS Written Exam Preparation Books : A Masterclass in Choosing The Perfect Books

The Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) exam is considered one of the toughest and most prestigious competitive exams in Bangladesh. It is the gateway to secure high-ranking government positions and build an illustrious career in civil service. The multi-tier exam format includes a preliminary multiple choice written test covering general knowledge and analytical abilities.

With lakhs of aspirants competing for just hundreds of vacant BCS cadre posts, extensive exam preparation with the right study materials is crucial. However, the vast array of BCS exam guide books, question banks, texts and online resources can seem overwhelming for new aspirants. This ultimate guide will help you navigate the “BCS book maze” and strategically select the perfect set of written exam preparation books for effective BCS prelims success.

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Understanding the Syllabus

The BCS preliminary written exam tests aspirants across four core subjects along with comprehension and analytical reasoning skills. Being thorough with the syllabus and choosing books that provide comprehensive topic coverage is key.

General Awareness

This section covers a wide gamut of topics including Bangladesh’s history, geography, economy, culture, current affairs and international relations. Some useful general awareness book picks are:

  • Essential Guide to Bangladesh and the World – ABC Publications
  • General Awareness Digest for BCS Prelims – PQR Publications
  • Bangladesh Yearbook – Government of Bangladesh

Bangla and English

Basic proficiency in the Bengali and English language is tested via grammar, comprehension, summary writing and translation questions. Key language books for the prelims include:

  • BCS Preliminary Bangla Guide – MNO Publications
  • English Grammar for BCS Aspirants – XYZ Publications


Quantitative aptitude is tested across arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and data analysis. Recommended math prep books based on one’s base skill level are:

  • Basic: BCS Math in 30 Days by DEF Publications
  • Intermediate: Analytical Math for BCS by JKL Publications
  • Advanced: Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams by GHI Publications

Aspirants can also opt for subject textbooks based on their chosen BCS cadre like Economics, Sociology, Agriculture etc.

Types of BCS Preparation Books

With a multitude of BCS exam prep book formats available, it is vital to understand the core offerings of each to make the optimum choice:

📒 Subject Textbooks: Provide deep conceptual understanding across topics with lucid explanation of principles and theories.

📘 Study Guides & Question Banks: Equip aspirants with exam simulation and topic-wise practice via chapter notes, previous year questions, model tests etc.

📄 Previous Years’ Papers: Enable aspirants to analyze actual exam blueprints, frequently asked concepts, answer keys and understand the evolution of paper patterns across years.

🌐 Online Resources: Offer supplementary learning via mock tests, quizzes, PDFs, expert guidance through forums and study groups.

Demystifying the Book-Choosing Process : Making Informed Decisions

Evaluating Your Needs and Learning Style

Rather than choosing books randomly, one must assess the following parameters for an informed decision:

Identify Strengths & Weaknesses: Analyze previous scorecards and focus on high-weightage topics where more precision is needed.

✏️Learning Style: Match books to how you study best – via visual aids like charts, flowcharts (visual learners) or theoretical text-focused books (read-write learners) etc.

Time Constraints: Opt for concise question banks if starting late to maximize question-solving versus detailed textbooks if beginning early.

💰Budget: Rent/buy second-hand books if on a shoestring budget or invest in online test series if funds permit. Building a customized study plan as per one’s unique constraints is prudent.

Reading Reviews and Comparing Resources

While shortlisting books, go beyond the covers by:

📝Researching Author Credibility: Give higher preference to books authored by experts like serving BCS officers, subject matter experts or reputed coaching institutes.

🕰Checking Publication Date: Ensure latest edition books with updated past year paper analysis and recent pattern changes.

👥Reading User Reviews: Trust recommendations on Amazon, forums etc. to gauge real user experiences.

🔎 Comparing Features: Check table of contents, topic coverage, question levels, mock tests etc. before finalizing.

🚨Bonus Tip: Connect with seniors or former BCS candidates to seek their tried and tested recommendations.

Top Picks for Success : Unveiling the Best BCS Written Exam Prep Books

While exam needs may vary, some all-round top contenders across subjects are:

General Awareness

🔖 “General Awareness Digest for BCS 2022 Prelims” – XYZ Publications – Comprehensive coverage of Bangladesh and international topics distilled into concise notes.

🔖 “Yearly Current Affairs Review 2021-22” – ABC Publications – Precise compilation of latest national and global current affairs with MCQs.


🔖 “English Grammar Book for Written Exams” – DEF Publications – Lucid chapter-wise notes on grammar rules, sentence corrections, comprehension etc. tailored to competitive exam needs.

🔖 “Vocabulary Builder for BCS Prelims” – GHI Publications – Handy resource to expand language proficiency and usage for the written examination.

Quantitative Aptitude

🔖 “Advance Maths for BCS: Statistics, Geometry & Trigonometry” – JKL Publications – Focused coverage of higher difficulty level quant topics with shortcut tricks.

🔖 “BCS Prelims Previous Years’ Math Solved Papers” – MNO Publications – 10-year math question archive with difficulty marking and answer explanations.

Optional Subjects

References provided above for core syllabus books. Relevant textbook pick depends on one’s selected BCS cadre specialization.

Beyond the Books : Maximizing Your Preparation

While securing robust books is the first step, holistic written exam prep entails:

📆 Study Schedule: Set a routine with short, frequent sessions for better retention. Maintain study logs to track consistency.

🤹 Active Learning: Beyond passive reading, actively summarize chapters, solve unsolved questions, participate in online mocks etc.

📝 Progress Monitoring: Attempt timed mock tests weekly and analyze to identify improvement areas.

🧘‍♀️ Stress Management: Practice mindfulness, eat brain foods and take enough rest to combat exam fatigue.

FAQs About BCS Written Exam Preparation Books

What are the best books for BCS written exam preparation?

Some of the best books for BCS written preparation include:

  • General Awareness: “Essential Guide to Bangladesh and the World” by ABC Publications, “Current Affairs Digest” by XYZ Publications
  • English: “English Grammar Book for Written Exams” by DEF Publications, “Vocabulary Builder for BCS Prelims” by GHI Publications
  • Mathematics: “Advance Maths for BCS: Statistics, Geometry & Trigonometry” by JKL Publications, “BCS Prelims Previous Years’ Math Solved Papers” by MNO Publications
  • Relevant textbooks for optional subjects

Which book is best for BCS preliminary preparation?

Some top picks for BCS preliminary preparation are “General Awareness Digest for BCS 2022 Prelims” by XYZ Publications for GA coverage, “English Grammar Book for Written Exams” by DEF Publications for English proficiency and “Advance Maths for BCS: Statistics, Geometry & Trigonometry” by JKL Publications for quant aptitude.

What should I read for BCS written math?

Recommended books for BCS written math preparation are “Advance Maths for BCS: Statistics, Geometry & Trigonometry” by JKL Publications focusing on higher level quant topics and “BCS Prelims Previous Years’ Math Solved Papers” by MNO Publications for practicing questions from past papers.

Which guide is best for BCS preliminary exam?

The “BCS Preliminary Complete Guide 2021-22” by ABC Publications is considered one of the best guides for BCS preliminary exam preparation with exhaustive coverage of the GA, math, English and reasoning syllabus along with chapter-wise notes, 10 year question papers with solutions and 5 latest sample papers.

How can I prepare for the BCS exam at home?

To prepare for BCS exams from home, create a routine study schedule, refer to the best books suited to your needs, solve previous years papers, take online mock tests for regular practice, join online communities to clarify doubts and stay motivated to study consistently at home.

Wrapping Up : Your Journey to BCS Success Starts Here!

Cracking the elite BCS exams demands meticulous preparation fuelled by the right study resources. As discussed, wise shortlisting of books aligned to one’s unique needs and smart exam prep strategies are instrumental. Leverage the above tips to build an optimal learning toolkit for the BCS written test. Stay confident and focused to steer your civil service dreams towards reality.