How to Smart Card Status Check for Your NID in Bangladesh? [Detail Guide]

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How to Smart Card Status Check for Your NID in Bangladesh? As part of the government’s efforts to modernize the National Identity Documentation system, the Bangladesh Election Commission has been working to replace traditional laminated ID cards with secure Smart ID cards for all citizens. If you haven’t received your Smart NID card yet, you’re likely wondering how to check the status. This guide will walk you through all the methods to check your Smart Card status in Bangladesh.

How to Smart Card Status Check for Your NID in Bangladesh?
How to Smart Card Status Check for Your NID in Bangladesh?

What Are Smart NID Cards?

Smart NID cards are the latest generation of National Identity cards being issued in Bangladesh. Unlike the old laminated ID cards, Smart cards come equipped with an embedded microchip that stores the holder’s biometric and personal data securely.

Some key features of the Smart NID cards:

  • Embedded microchip and QR code for authentication
  • More secure against forgery or tampering
  • Stores fingerprint and iris scan data
  • Doubles as a voter ID card for elections
  • Can be used for digital services and identification

Why Your Smart Card Status Check?

The distribution of Smart NID cards across Bangladesh has been an ongoing process by the Election Commission. If your card has been processed, you’ll want to check the status to know:

📋 If your Smart Card is ready for collection

🏢 Where to go to collect your Smart Card

📃 What documents to bring for collection

Knowing your card’s status beforehand ensures you can collect it smoothly when available at the designated location.

Ways to Check Smart NID Card Status

The Election Commission offers two convenient options to check the status of your Smart Card application – online through their website and via SMS. Let’s look at both methods:

Option 1 : Check Online at

Checking your Smart Card status online is a simple process:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your NID number in the first field
  3. Enter your date of birth in DD-MM-YYYY format in the next field
  4. Solve the captcha security verification
  5. Click the “Submit” button

The website will then display the current status of your Smart NID card application.

📝 Note: If you only have the old paper voter slip, enter “NIDFN” before the slip number. For example, if your slip number is 65487636, enter NIDFN65487636 in the NID field.

Screenshot of online Smart Card status check
Screenshot of online Smart Card status check

Option 2 : Check via SMS

You can also conveniently check your Smart NID status by sending an SMS from any Bangladeshi mobile number:

To check with NID number: SMS format: SC <space> NID <space> YOUR_NID_NUMBER Example SMS: SC NID 1923049876543

To check with old voter slip number: SMS format: SC <space> F <space> SLIP_NUMBER <space> DATE_OF_BIRTH Example SMS: SC F 9876543219 02-02-1900

Send the SMS to 105 and you’ll receive a reply with the current status of your Smart NID card.

Understanding the Smart Card Status

The online website and SMS check will show your Smart NID card status as one of the following:

😃 Complete: Your Smart ID has been printed and is ready for collection at the designated location mentioned.

📝 Pending: Your application is still being processed. Check back again after some time.

❌ Rejected: There was an issue with your application, and it has been rejected. You’ll likely need to reapply with proper documentation.

🔍 Under Process: Your data is currently being verified and the card is being printed.

🏛 Collection Location: If your status shows “Complete”, details of the nearby Election Commission office where you can collect your Smart NID will be provided.

Smart NID Card Distribution Progress

According to the Election Commission, the distribution of Smart NID cards has already been completed in most major cities and metropolitan areas. All new NID registrations from 2019 onward are directly receiving Smart Cards.

However, the process is still ongoing for many rural and union areas. The government aims to distribute Smart NID cards nationwide by the end of 2024.

District-wise Distribution (January 2024 Data)

District % Smart Cards Issued
Dhaka 98%
Chattogram 92%
Rajshahi 84%
Khulna 91%
Barishal 77%
Sylhet 69%
Rangpur 93%
Mymensingh 83%

Source: Bangladesh Election Commission

Smart Card Collection Requirements

Once your status shows “Complete”, you can head to the designated Election Commission office to collect your Smart NID card. Here are the typical requirements:

🆔 Your old paper NID card/voter slip

☑️ Print out of your Smart Card status

💰 Collection fee of BDT 50-100

✍️ Signature for receiving the card

Be sure to check the full list of required documents for your area before visiting the office to avoid any delays.

FAQs on Smart Card Status Check

Q: Can I use my Smart Card like an ATM card with money?

No, Smart NID cards do not store any monetary value. They only contain your personal biometric data in the embedded microchip.

Q: What if my status shows Complete but I haven’t received the card?

If the status is shown as Complete, it means your Smart Card has been printed and is ready for collection at the mentioned location.

Q: By when will I get my Smart Card?

The timeline for receiving your Smart Card depends on your area and when you applied. In general, metropolitan areas have been prioritized over rural regions. Consult the website or SMS services to get an estimate for your specific case.

Q: How to replace a lost or damaged Smart Card?

You can apply to get a replacement Smart NID card reissued through the Election Commission website or by visiting their local office with the required documents and fees.

In Conclusion

Checking your Smart NID card status online at or via SMS code “SC NID YOUR_NID_NUMBER” to 105 is a convenient way to stay updated on when you’ll receive your new secure identification in Bangladesh. The government is making steady progress in replacing all paper National IDs with Smart Cards to modernize the system nationwide. Stay patient, follow up regularly, and collect your card as soon as it is available in your area.

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