12th Fail Movie Quotes – Masterfully Crafting an In-Depth Guide to Iconic Quotes

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12th Fail Movie Quotes! The Hindi film “12th Fail” (2015) starring Vikrant Massey and Zishan Ayyub has gained a cult following over the years due to its realistic portrayal of struggles faced by 12th standard fail students in India. Though a commercial failure upon release, the film’s dialogues and scenes continue to resonate with many who relate to the pressures of the Indian education system and societal expectations. In this article, we will dive into some of the most memorable dialogues from “12th Fail” and why they still strike a chord.

12th Fail Movie Quotes - Masterfully Crafting an In-Depth Guide to Iconic Quotes

12th Fail Movie Quotes

Pass toh hona hi tha yaar

This iconic dialogue by Shikhar (played by Vikrant Massey) comes early in the film when he first fails in 12th standard final exams. It depicts the innate expectation among students that they have to pass, not considering failing as an option at all due to fear of parental and societal reactions. This quote has become a popular meme symbolizing the immense academic pressures on Indian students.

Soch samajh kar decision leneka bhai

Shikhar’s close friend Vishnu (Zishan Ayyub) says this line when discussing what path Shikhar should take next after failing 12th standard. It reflects the importance of making mindful, deliberate career choices rather than decisions made in haste or frustration. The line emphasizes critical thinking over knee-jerk reactions after setbacks.

Failure chaato mat, usey apni taraf kheech lo

Spoken by Shikhar’s mentor Ratan (Rajesh Sharma) who himself failed 12th standard previously, this dialogue asks not to push away failure but draw it towards yourself to examine it deeply. It signifies the importance of introspecting one’s shortcomings after failure rather than escaping or ignoring them if one wants to succeed eventually. The quote encourages taking ownership of failure.

12th Fail Movie Quotes

Shiksha paane ka, shiksha dene ka haq nahi kho dena

After initial despondency, Shikhar’s attitude towards his failure shifts from self-pity to accountability about his teaching rights. Having gained real-life experience, he does not want to lose his privilege of guiding others just because of failing an exam. The dialogue emphasizes learning life lessons from failures without losing confidence in one’s own abilities to contribute meaningfully.

School ya college ke bahar bhi duniya hai meri jaan

Shikhar’s girlfriend Priya (Komal Thackar) says this to console him when he is at his lowest after failing 12th exams. Her dialogue puts academic failure in perspective by indicating there’s more to life than performance in school or college. It conveys optimism and shows emotional support systems make coping easier. The memo has become an anthem of sort for those who falter in competitive Indian education.

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Top 9 Quotes of 12th Fail Movie

Papa kehtey the, bahar ke andhere se nahhi, ander ke andhere se daro.

Ye hum sab ki ladai hai, ek ka jeet hoga na toh karodon bhed-bakriyon ka jeet hoga.

Ab janta agar padh likh gayi toh netaon ke liye badi samasya hojayegi, nahi?

Nahi padha paatey ye baap apne bachon ko mehengey school mein. Lekin patahai, phir bhi ye log khali haath nahi aatey, jazbaa lekar aatey hai.

Manoj, tum chahe IPS officer bano ya aata chakki mein kaam karo, main saari zindagi tumhare saath bitana chahti hu.

Jiske paas power hai woh kabhi usse chhodhna he nahi chahta.

Haar nahi maanunga, thaar nahi raar nahi thanunga.

Tum jhooth ko bhi sach ki tarah boltey ho, news reporter banjao.

2 lakh Hindi medium vidyarthiyon mein kewal 25-30 he ban paatey hai IAS, IPS. Baaki 199,970 cut to 0….fat gaya?


Why These Quotes Resonate

The quotes from “12th Fail” continue to feel relevant because they voice the pressures, self-doubts and societal stigma that many 12th standard failing students still face in the Indian education context. The film was ahead of the curve in debunking the equation between academic merit, capabilities and exam performance. It realistically depicts how failure drastically impacts middle class Indian households emotionally and financially not attuned to providing adequate coping mechanisms.

By using relatable, colloquial language and situational dialogues often laced with humor, the movie made it easier for the target demographic of struggling students to empathize. The inspirational undertone of certain quotes has provided hope by treating failure as a launchpad for unlocking one’s true inner potential. They emphasize failure as an event rather than an identity. Above all, they console by assuring failing 12th is not the end of the world contrary to prevalent anxiety-inducing notions.


Many regard “12th Fail” as a film that was let down by a lack of commercial visibility rather than its content quality or realism. However, greater internet penetration enabling discovery of quality cinema on streaming/OTT platforms has led its best dialogues and scenes gaining viral social media traction over time. By articulating ground realities without mincing words, these quotes have become anthems for struggling students across India over the years. They continue to play their part in de-stigmatizing failure while providing inspirational nudges to get back up again!

Frequently Asked Questions on 12th Fail Movie Quotes

Why did ’12th Fail’ movie dialogues become so popular?

Ans: ’12th Fail’ dialogues connected widely due to their authentic depiction of pressures and thought processes of 12th standard failing students in India without glossing over struggles. Their inspirational undertone and colloquial yet profound nature made them memorable quotes that consoled and motivated at once.

Which ’12th Fail’ movie quote asks to introspect failure deeply?

Ans: “Failure chaato mat, usey apni taraf kheech lo” – spoken by the character Ratan (played by Rajesh Sharma) in the film. This quote signifies analyzing one’s shortcomings post-failure instead of running away if one wants to succeed eventually.

What is the message behind the ’12th Fail’ quote “Soch samajh kar decision leneka bhai”?

Ans: This quote by character Vishnu advocates making deliberate, contemplative career choices instead of hasty decisions after failing 12th board exams under societal pressures. It promotes critical thinking abilities.

Why did the quote “School ya college ke bahar bhi duniya hai meri jaan” resonate strongly?

Ans: Coming from Shikhar’s girlfriend Priya in the film, this quote puts academic failure in perspective by indicating there are bigger things in life than just school/college performance. It provided optimism to failing students that it’s not the end of the world.

How did the iconic “Pass toh hona hi tha yaar” dialogue depict Indian exam pressures?

Ans: Being one of the earliest dialogues by lead Shikhar, it showed the innate, unavoidable expectation among Indian students that they have to pass exams – failing is just not considered an option due to parental/societal conditioning.