Anjali Arora Controversy : A Morphed MMS Video That Ruined A Career

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Anjali Arora Controversy! In August 2022, a explicit video featuring a woman went viral on social media. Several news portals and YouTube channels claimed that the woman in the video was popular social media influencer and Lock Upp contestant Anjali Arora. This kicked off a storm that ultimately ruined Anjali’s budding career in showbiz.

Anjali Arora Controversy : A Morphed Video That Ruined A Career
Anjali Arora Controversy

Who is Anjali Arora?

Anjali Arora is a 24-year-old social media influencer from New Delhi with over 13 million followers across platforms like Instagram and YouTube. She rose to prominence in 2022 when she appeared as a contestant on Kangana Ranaut’s reality show Lock Upp.

On the show, Anjali formed a close friendship with eventual winner Munawar Faruqui. Fans loved their equation and Anjali emerged as one of the most popular contestants despite getting evicted before the finale.

Apart from her social media presence and reality TV stint, Anjali has also worked in a few regional movies like The Love Is Forever, Deliyans and Dilliwaliyaan. She has also appeared in music videos like Temporary Pyar, Aashiq Purana and Saiyyan Dil Mein Aana Re.

Anjali Arora Biography

Full Name   Anjali Arora
Nickname Anjali
Date of Birth 03 November 1999
School Delhi Public School, Delhi, India
Profession Model & Actress
Day Wednesday
Age 22 years (in 2022)
Birthplace Punjab, India
Hometown Delhi, India
Present Residence Address Delhi, India
College Delhi University, Delhi, India
Educational Qualification Graduate
Nationality Indian
Religion Hinduism
Zodiac Sign/Star Sign Scorpio

Anjali Aarora MMS Video Leaked

In August 2022, an explicit video featuring a woman went viral on social media. Several news outlets and YouTube channels claimed that the woman in the video was Anjali Arora and prominently reported on it.

However, Anjali completely denied that she was the woman in the video and asserted that it was morphed to deliberately tarnish her image. At the time, she was locked up as a contestant on Lock Upp and did not have access to the outside world or her phone. Hence, she could not take immediate legal action regarding the issue.

Once Anjali was out of Lock Upp, she staunchly denied that the video featured her. She accused the news portals and YouTubers of falsely maligning her reputation without any proof that she was actually the woman in the video.

Several experts also analyzed the video and stated that it appeared to be morphed and that the woman did not resemble Anjali. Despite this, the damage was already done by the rampant circulation of the fake video tagged with Anjali’s name.

Anjali Aarora MMS Video Leaked
Anjali Aarora

The Aftermath

The circulation of the morphed explicit video had disastrous consequences for Anjali Arora’s career and personal life. According to her, she suffered immense trauma and mental stress because of the video. She also apparently lost out on several movie and web series roles that she was in talks for.

In December 2022, reports emerged that Anjali had filed a police complaint against the news outlets that published articles identifying her as the woman in the video. An FIR was registered and an investigation commenced into the creation and distribution of the fake morphed video.

Anjali also stated that she was planning to file defamation cases against the publications and influencers who shared the video causing harm to her reputation. She asserted that their actions demonstrated a lack of ethics and accountability just to gain some extra views and clicks.

Anjali’s Fightback

In the aftermath of the controversy, Anjali has taken a strong stand regarding the issue. In interviews, she has spoken about the trauma she faced and how her family and loved ones also suffered because of the unwanted limelight.

She raised concerns about the unethical use of artificial intelligence to create fake morphed videos that could ruin anyone’s life. Anjali also encouraged other victims to speak up and not suffer in silence if they face such an ordeal.

Despite threats to her career, Anjali demonstrated tremendous courage to fight back. With an FIR filed, she hopes that the police investigation will catch the culprits behind the video soon. She refuses to be bogged down by the controversy and is determined to regain control of her life.

Anjali Aarora MMS Video Leaked
Anjali Aarora

Impact on Her Career

The leaked video had an extremely damaging impact on Anjali Arora’s showbiz career. According to Anjali, she lost out on at least 5-6 projects that she was in advanced talks for, including movies and web shows.

Producers and directors distanced themselves as soon as the controversy emerged. Even though Anjali was proven innocent eventually, the stigma stayed attached to her name within the film/TV industry circles.

As a newcomer without major backing, the setback proved catastrophic for Anjali. From being touted as an emerging talent after Lock Upp, she suddenly found herself without any work.

While Anjali maintains that she gave countless auditions after the controversy died down, the doors have remained shut so far. She says that the industry continues to be wary of working with her due to past events.

recovering from this major career setback at such an early stage will undoubtedly be an uphill task for Anjali.

Anjali Aarora MMS Video Leaked
Anjali Aarora

FAQs About Anjali Arora Viral MMS

What was the Anjali Arora controversy about?

A morphed explicit video featuring a woman resembling Anjali went viral. Many outlets tagged her as the woman in the video, causing immense backlash.

Did Anjali Arora file an FIR?

Yes, Anjali filed an FIR once she was out of Lock Upp against news outlets that published defamatory articles about her regarding the video.

Was Anjali Arora actually in the leaked MMS video?

No, cyber experts confirmed that the video was morphed and Anjali was falsely implicated by some people to ruin her reputation.

How did the controversy impact Anjali Arora’s career?

The controversy resulted in immense trauma for Anjali. She also apparently lost 5-6 projects and faced setbacks due to the industry avoiding her after the fake video fiasco.

What legal action did Anjali Arora take?

Anjali filed an FIR to investigate the creation & distribution of the fake explicit video featuring her. She also threatened to file defamation cases against some news outlets.

Anjali Arora
Anjali Arora