Who is Rose Bundy? Age, Net Worth of The Daughter of Serial Killer Ted Bundy

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Who is Rose Bundy? She is the daughter of the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy. While her father’s heinous crimes made headlines in the 1970s, little is known about Rose or her mother. This article will explore Rose’s background, her current age and net worth, and what her life has been like as the daughter of one of America’s most notorious criminals.

Who is Rose Bundy? Age, Net Worth of The Daughter of Serial Killer Ted Bundy
Who is Rose Bundy? Age, Net Worth of The Daughter of Serial Killer Ted Bundy

Who is Rose’s Mother?

Ted Bundy had numerous romantic relationships throughout the 1970s. However, the identity of Rose Bundy’s mother has never been conclusively established. Bundy was dating a woman named Sharon Auer at the time of Rose’s birth in October 1982, so it is believed Auer may be the mother. However, Bundy also had a relationship with Diana Weiner and conjugal visits with his ex-girlfriend Carole Ann Boone while in prison.

Boone famously married Bundy during one of his trials in 1980 and conceived a child with him behind bars. While they named their daughter Rosa, Ted called her “Rose” in letters from prison. This has created confusion as to whether Rosa/Rose and the baby born in 1982 are the same child. Most biographers believe they are different children with Rose being younger.

Rose’s Early Life

As Ted Bundy’s execution approached in 1989, he shared information about Rose in interviews with journalists. Bundy said Rose, along with her half-sister Rosa, lived with their maternal grandparents and used their mother’s maiden name to avoid unwanted attention related to their father’s crimes.

Bundy expressed regret for abandoning his children and leaving them without a father. However, he believed they were better off not having a murderer for a dad. He asked the media not to search for his daughters or disrupt their lives further.

Rose Bundy Today

If Rose Bundy was born in 1982, she would be around 42 years old today in 2024. Not much is known about her current whereabouts or situation. In keeping with her father’s wishes, Rose appears to have lived her life outside of the public eye. Along with her half-sister Rosa, she has likely gone to great lengths to conceal her identity.

There have been unfounded rumors over the years that one or both daughters changed their names and cut ties with the Bundy family. However, without confirmation, Rose’s activities and net worth remain a mystery. She may have a career and family of her own now deep out of the spotlight.

Living with the Bundy Name

While Rose Bundy has avoided media attention, she still lives with the dark legacy of her father. Ted Bundy’s horrific crimes – including assaulting and murdering over 30 young women – shocked the nation when they were uncovered. Reconciling a beloved family member with such brutality would be incredibly challenging.

For Rose, living a well-adjusted, “normal” life has likely been an uphill battle. The desire to stay hidden and not be defined by her father’s evil actions is understandable. She has probably grappled with complex feelings toward her serial killer dad that most people could not fathom.

Rose also had to grow up without a present father and with the knowledge he had caused profound suffering and grief. Living in the shadow of these monstrous crimes cannot have been easy.

Who is Rose Bundy? Age, Net Worth of The Daughter of Serial Killer Ted Bundy
Who is Rose Bundy? Age, Net Worth

FAQs about Rose Bundy

How old is Rose Bundy now?

If Rose was born in 1982, she would be around 42 years old as of 2024.

What is Rose Bundy’s net worth?

There is no public information available on Rose Bundy’s net worth or finances. Given her desire for privacy, her net worth is likely kept secret.

Where does Rose Bundy live now?

The current location and living situation of Rose Bundy is unknown since she has avoided any media coverage. There are unconfirmed rumors she changed her name and moved locations.

What does Rose Bundy do for a living?

Rose Bundy’s career and occupation are unknown. She has stayed out of the public light to avoid attention related to her father’s crimes.

Is Rose Bundy married?

It is not publicly known if Rose Bundy has gotten married or started her own family. Her personal relationships have been kept private over the years along with most details about her life.

Did Ted Bundy have a daughter?

Yes, Ted Bundy had two daughters – Rose Bundy, born in 1982, and Rosa Bundy, conceived with Carole Ann Boone while Bundy was in prison. Their lives have been heavily guarded since Bundy’s execution.


While her fatherTed Bundy’s vicious acts have continued to garner public attention decades later, his daughter Rose Bundy has avoided the spotlight. Now a 42-year old woman, the details of her life and net worth remain largely unknown. This seems intentional on her part to prevent further trauma related to her father’s infamous history. Wherever she is, one hopes Rose has found some peace and leads a happy life. Her desire for privacy during such a challenging upbringing is more than understandable.

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