Who is Markiplier? Onlyfans, Net Worth, Height with The Story Behind YouTube’s Most Popular Gamer

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Who is Markiplier? he is the best known by his online persona Mark Fischbach, is one of the most popular YouTube gaming personalities and content creators. With over 34 million subscribers and 18 billion total video views, Markiplier has amassed a massive and dedicated fanbase since he began posting gaming videos in 2012.

Who is Markiplier?
Who is Markiplier?

Early Life and Background

Mark Edward Fischbach was born on June 28, 1989 in Honolulu, Hawaii and was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. From an early age, Mark was interested in performing arts and aspired to have a career in entertainment. He studied to become a biomedical engineer at the University of Cincinnati but dropped out in his senior year to pursue YouTube full-time.

Pre-YouTube Days

Prior to his YouTube fame, Mark worked various jobs including a cinema supervisor, restaurant worker, and even unloaded trucks. He started his first YouTube channel “Markiplier” in 2012 where he posted non-gaming related comedy videos and sketches.

After lackluster growth on that initial channel, he created another YouTube channel in April 2012 specifically dedicated to gaming content. He came up with the name “Markiplier” by combining the word “mark”, referring to leaving his “mark” on the internet, with the suffix “-plier” from the word “multiplier” to indicate growth.

Markiplier Onlyfans

On October 16th, 2022, Mark Fischbach, popularly known as Markiplier on YouTube, made a bold promise in a video titled “I Will Start an OnlyFans…” He laid out two conditions: his podcasts, Distractible and Go! My Favorite Sports Team, had to claim the number one spots on both Apple Podcasts and Spotify, surpassing even Joe Rogan’s Experience. The video quickly gained traction, amassing over 6.6 million views within a fortnight.

Just three days later, on October 19th, 2022, both of Markiplier’s podcasts achieved the coveted top spots on Spotify’s charts. Distractible soared to number one on the overall podcast chart, while Go! My Favorite Sports Team claimed the pinnacle of the sports subcategory. Twitter erupted with excitement, with user @macheteplier’s tweet celebrating the accomplishment garnering over 2,000 retweets and 31,600 likes in just 10 days.

Fast forward to December 7th, 2022, and Markiplier fulfilled his promise by launching his OnlyFans account. The news spread rapidly, with the Markiplier OnlyFans Updates Twitter account (@MarkRealFansbot) reporting the development. The tweet gained significant traction, accumulating over 10,700 retweets and 127,700 likes within four days.

Rise to YouTube Stardom

Markiplier began uploading daily let’s play videos and walkthroughs of horror and action games. His energetic, engaging, and often loud personality resonated with viewers. Specifically, his reactions to jump scares and deaths in horror games like Amnesia and Five Nights at Freddy’s captivated fans and quickly gained subscribers.

By December 2013, Mark hit 1 million subscribers, averaging 300,000-500,000 views per day. By the end of the following year, he hit 3.5 million subscribers. His subscriber base grew exponentially in subsequent years, surpassing 5 million by April 2015, 10 million by July 2016, and 20 million by 2017. Many of his videos now garner between 3–10 million views.

Some key stats about Markiplier’s channel:

  • Over 34 million subscribers
  • 18 billion+ total video views
  • Average of 115 million views per month
  • One of the top 50 most subscribed channels on YouTube
Who is Markiplier?
Who is Markiplier?

Markiplier’s Gaming Content and Evolution

The core of Mark’s channel has been centered around gaming, specifically playthroughs, reactions, and comedic commentary around horror, indie, action and story-driven games.

Some of his most popular series have been grounded in horror games like Five Nights at Freddy’s, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and Slender: The Eight Pages. He helped popularize these games and introduced them to wider gaming audiences.

However, over the years, Mark branched out into more varieties of games including Minecraft, action-adventure games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, narrative games like Life Is Strange, and eccentric indie games. He often plays highly anticipated AAA titles upon release as well.

He is beloved for his emotive, excitable personality and fun-loving interactions with games. Even when playing mainstream popular games, he finds ways to creatively deliver original commentary.

Notable Ongoing and Recurring Series

Some of Mark’s most popular recurring series that best exhibit his signature style include:

  • Five Nights at Freddy’s: His reactions to the jump scares of this indie horror game franchise helped rocket his popularity. He has played all main series games and spin-offs since 2014.
  • Try Not To Laugh: Mark attempts to watch a selection of funny videos, memes and comedy sketches without laughing as viewers watch his reactions.
  • A Heist with Markiplier: An interactive video viewer choice driven story Mark created with massive branching plot lines and story arcs spanning 31 different endings.
  • Who’s Your Daddy: A two player game with one baby attempting to hurt itself in absurd ways, while the father tries to child-proof the house.
  • Prop Hunt: Players disguise themselves as inanimate objects trying to blend into the environment, while “hunters” try to find and shoot them.

Additionally, Mark is often grouped with other famous gaming personalities like Jack Septiceye and PewDiePie for crossover collaborations which drives even more viewership.

Charity Work and Fundraising Milestones

A significant aspect of Markiplier’s influence is his charity work and coordination of large fundraising events. He frequently organizes live streams featuring gaming sessions with other internet celebrities to raise money for organizations like Best Friends Animal Society, American Cancer Society, and Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Some major charity fundraising milestones Mark has orchestrated include:

  • $652,000 raised for Best Friends Animal Society across 3 livestreams
  • $300,000 raised for American Cancer Society through selling Markiplier merchandise
  • $100,000 donation to St. Jude Children’s Hospital Radiothon

By leveraging his popularity, Mark has helped raise awareness and millions in funds for important causes he cares about. This philanthropic spirit combined with his friendly personality contributes to the massive appeal and likability he’s built through his YouTube career.

Other Projects and Media

In addition to YouTube videos, Mark has expanded into other forms of content creation and media over the years:


Five original music singles including “FNAF Musical” song tributes to Five Nights at Freddy’s and electronic dance songs with original vocals

Web Television

Co-created paranormal mockumentary comedy series “A Date With Markiplier” telling the story of the viewer going on a date with Mark in a genre-defying show with sci-fi twists across time and space


Co-host of “Distractible Podcast”, featuring hour+ long form conversations about obscure topics with friends Bob Muyskens and Wade Barnes


Live theater productions and a starring voice acting role as lead character Prohyas Warrior in animated web series “Helluva Boss” by Vivienne Medrano

By expanding across web shows, music, podcasts, and acting roles, Mark continues his journey to grow his overall entertainment brand beyond his YouTube channel roots.

Who is Markiplier?
Who is Markiplier?

Markiplier Net Worth

While his total fortune fluctuates each year, most publications estimate Mark’s current 2024 net worth based on his YouTube career, merchandise sales, and other ventures to exceed $35 million.

For comparison, his reported net worth history includes:

Year Net Worth Estimate
2016 $10 million
2019 $24 million
2022 $32 million
2024 $35+ million

Given that advertising revenue, paid channel memberships, podcast ads and merchandise represent Mark’s main income sources, his net worth will likely continue rising as his popularity and viewership expands.

Why Do People Love Watching Markiplier?

There are many factors driving why Markiplier has ascended into one of the most recognizable internet personalities and earned a beloved status with fans:

Entertaining Personality

Mark’s energetic, excitable reactions playing games keeps viewers engaged regardless of the gameplay itself. His signature screaming voice raises the intensity. Fans watch as much for Mark’s commentary and reactions as the underlying game.

Reliable Upload Schedule

By consistently uploading multiple videos daily across his 2 YouTube channels since 2012, fans know new Markiplier content will always be coming out. This level of reliable entertainment over 10+ years also breeds loyalty.

Interacts with Fans

Mark frequently holds live streams, panels at conferences like PAX, social media fan exchanges on Twitter/Reddit and other venues allowing him to directly talk with fans. This personal connection makes fans feel closer to him.

Supportive Attitude

Mark directly credits fans for his success and praises their art gifts and other forms of support. He thanks fans often and showers them with positivity in return. This cycle of support in both directions makes the community feel appreciated.

Ultimately the dedication Mark has shown towards crafting high quality personality-driven gaming content and building personal relationships with his community is why he has ascended to iconic popularity status on YouTube that very few channels can replicate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Who is Markiplier?

How old is Markiplier?

Mark Edward Fischbach is 34 years old as of 2024. His birthday is June 28, 1989.

What is Markiplier’s real name?

Mark’s full real name is Mark Edward Fischbach.

Is Markiplier married?

Yes, Markiplier married Amy Nelson on May 19, 2022 after 8 years of dating.

Does Markiplier have kids?

As of 2024, Mark and Amy do not yet have any children but may consider having kids in the future.

Where does Markiplier live?

While born in Hawaii and raised in Ohio, Markiplier has lived in Los Angeles, California since 2012 when he began his YouTube career full-time.