Whistlindiesel Wife : Who is She? The Woman Behind the King of Diesel

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Whistlindiesel Wife : Who is She? The Woman Behind the King of Diesel. Whistlindiesel, whose real name is Cody Detwiler, is one of the biggest names on YouTube when it comes to diesel trucks and insane automotive stunts. The 25-year-old internet sensation has amassed over 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube and millions of followers across other social media platforms.

Whistlindiesel Wife

While Whistlindiesel is known for his wild personality and expensive truck builds, one person who has been by his side is his wife. Whistlindiesel’s wife, who goes by “Rae” online, has been featured in many of his videos over the years. However, in summer 2022, the couple shocked fans by announcing they were getting divorced.

In this in-depth article, we’ll take a closer look at Whistlindiesel wife Rae, their relationship history, what she’s up to now, and more.

Whistlindiesel’s Early Life and Career

Before diving into his relationship with Rae, let’s first take a quick look at Whistlindiesel’s background. Cody Detwiler was born on July 18, 1998 in Indiana. He grew up on a farm and quickly became fascinated with trucks, tractors and equipment from a young age.

Detwiler joined YouTube in 2016 and started posting videos of his diesel truck antics. His channel took off in popularity as he pushed his trucks to the extreme with crazy stunts like demolition derbies, extreme mudding, pulling aircraft and other death-defying challenges.

Some of Whistlindiesel’s most popular uploads include bulldozing his house, crushing a Hellcat with his truck, and demolishing his beloved first truck “Ole Red.” While his stunts are certainly controversial, they’ve helped him gain millions of dedicated fans in just a few short years.

Whistlindiesel’s Net Worth

Thanks to his huge YouTube following and sponsorship deals, Whistlindiesel has amassed an impressive net worth. According to various estimates, the diesel truck influencer has a net worth of around $3-5 million.

Whistlindiesel earns income from YouTube ad revenue, brand promotions and partnerships, merchandise sales and more. He often destroys expensive vehicles in his videos, leading many to wonder how he can afford it. But with millions of video views and a loyal fanbase, he’s able to turn huge profits even after buying trucks just to wreck them.

Introducing Whistlindiesel Wife : Rae

Ever since launching his channel, one constant fixture in Whistlindiesel’s videos was his wife, Rae. Not much is known about Rae’s background, as she has always been a more private person. However, we do know that the couple reportedly met sometime in high school.

Whistlindiesel and Rae married young, tying the knot when they were just teenagers. At the time, not much was known about Whistlindiesel’s identity or personal life. But after introducing Rae in his videos, his fans quickly grew to love the blonde beauty who shared her husband’s passion for diesel trucks.

Rae became known to fans as “Mrs. Whistlindiesel” and the “Whistlin Wife.” She frequently appeared in his videos, whether she was helping with truck mods, riding along on test drives, or pulling pranks on Cody. Fans enjoyed getting to see their cute relationship on camera.

The couple seemed like a perfect match—Rae wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, drive a lifted truck, or hit the mud trails with her husband. The pair had amazing chemistry on camera, and Rae’s outgoing personality provided a nice balance to Whistlindiesel’s wild antics.

Rae’s Career and Hobbies

While Rae became known publicly through Whistlindiesel’s channel, she had her own interests and skills outside of their relationship. On her Instagram account, which has over 260k followers, Rae notes that she loves “Jesus, Dogs, and Jeeps.”

Rae was an avid off-roader and had her own lifted 1997 Jeep Wrangler that she customized herself. She often posted pictures of the bright blue Jeep on trails and talked about her love of off-roading. Rae also had her own YouTube channel where she posted hauls, vlogs, travel content and more for over 50k subscribers.

In addition to YouTube and off-roading, Rae had a passion for fitness, health and nutrition. On her Instagram she shared her fitness journey and healthy recipes with fans. Rae was a certified personal trainer and talked about wanting to help other women on their own fitness journeys.

Rae became a popular social media influencer in her own right, partnering with various brands to promote products she loved. She had partnerships with companies like Coca Cola, Fab Fit Fun, DS18 Audio and more.

Marriage and Divorce from Whistlindiesel

Whistlindiesel and Rae always seemed like the perfect, fun-loving couple on YouTube. But in summer 2022, fans were shocked when Cody announced that he and Rae had split up.

In a video titled “I am Divorced,” posted in July 2022, Whistlindiesel confirmed that he and Rae had ended their marriage. He did not get into specifics about what led to the split, but noted that the breakup was amicable and they still planned to support each other.

Fans had noticed signs that the couple was having issues for many months leading up to the announcement. Rae’s appearances in Whistlindiesel’s videos became less frequent starting in late 2021. By spring 2022, Rae had disappeared from Cody’s channel altogether, leading to fan speculation about their status.

The divorce announcement video came shortly after Whistlindiesel was seen with a new mystery woman on social media, who turned out to be his new girlfriend Katie. So while the exes tried to keep things cordial, the divorce was undoubtedly difficult given their long history.

Rae’s Life after Whistlindiesel

While the split was hard, Rae has continued to focus on her own ventures in the months since announcing their breakup. On her YouTube channel, she’s been posting new videos detailing her health journey and fitness routine post-divorce. Rae also created an OnlyFans account where she shares provocative paid content with subscribers.

On Instagram, Rae promotes various brands she works with as an influencer. She continues to share her passion for working out, mental health, nutrition, and self care with her followers. It appears Rae still enjoys off-roading and working on trucks as well.

Though no longer the “Whistlin Wife,” Rae still has a respectable social media following of her own. Her fans continue to support her through the breakup and new chapter in her life.

Whistlindiesel Finds New Love

Shortly after announcing his divorce from Rae, Whistlindiesel introduced fans to his new girlfriend, Katie. Not much is known about Katie’s background, but she is rumored to be from Nashville, TN, works in the beauty industry, and has her own sizable Instagram following.

Despite the messy optics of moving on so quickly post-divorce, Whistlindiesel and Katie appear completely smitten with each other. Her first appearances were in his video titled “I Bought My Dream Truck and Hurt Myself!” where she helped care for him after an accident.

Since then, Katie has been featured more regularly in Whistlindiesel’s uploads. She accompanies him on ridiculous adventures, truck mods, road trips, and more. It’s clear Whistlindiesel is head over heels for his new girl, constantly posting pics professing his love. Fans are still torn on the new relationship, but many are happy to see Whistlindiesel smiling again post-divorce.

Unanswered Questions

While Whistlindiesel and Rae have both moved on separately, many questions still remain about their shocking breakup. The couple was married for years before surprisingly calling it quits sometime in early 2022.

Neither has directly addressed clear reasons why they decided to split. Some fans speculate Whistlindiesel divorced Rae due to her launching an OnlyFans account. Others wonder if Rae struggled with Whistlindiesel’s dangerous stunts or was in disagreement with the direction of his YouTube channel.

There are also questions around the timeline of Whistlindiesel’s new relationship with Katie. They went Instagram official extremely quickly after announcing his divorce, leading some to wonder if cheating was involved on either side.

However, both Whistlindiesel and Rae insist there was no foul play involved. They say they still support each other and want both parties to be happy moving forward. Only time will tell whether more details emerge about the demise of the longtime YouTube couple once known as the “Whistlins.”

Whistlindiesel’s Top Videos and Controversies

With millions of subscribers on YouTube, Whistlindiesel has produced hundreds of videos showcasing his diesel truck mods and over-the-top experiments. Here’s a quick look at some of his most popular uploads:

  • Crushing My DREAM Truck In My 50 Ton Hydraulic Press – 15M+ views

This is the video that shows Whistlindiesel fully crushing a $150,000+ Dodge Ram TRX in a hydraulic press. Fans were stunned at the destruction of this expensive new truck.

  • I Bought My DREAM Truck … And WRECKED It! – 13M+ views

Whistlindiesel buys his dream truck, a brand new 2021 Ram TRX, only to intentionally wreck it by crashing and rolling it multiple times. The video was controversial for destroying a $90k+ vehicle.

  • Killing A Hellcat with a Truck – 12M+ views

One of Whistlindiesel’s most infamous videos where he crushes a new $54,000 Dodge Charger Hellcat with his modified truck in a demolition derby style arena.

  • Bulldozing My Family’s House – 11M+ views

Whistlindiesel uses a Caterpillar bulldozer to completely demolish his parents’ farmhouse in Indiana as they watch. This controversial stunt led many to accuse him of wasting a valuable home for views.

While Whistlindiesel has found huge success on YouTube, his stunts have also garnered plenty of backlash over the years for being dangerous, wasteful, and harmful to the environment. But criticism from haters has never slowed him down.

FAQs about Whistlindiesel Wife

Whistlindiesel’s love life continues to be a hot topic among fans. Here are some key questions people often ask about the YouTube star’s relationships:

Who is Whistlindiesel’s new girlfriend after his divorce?

Whistlindiesel’s new girlfriend after divorcing his wife Rae is Katie Miller. Katie is from Nashville, TN and works in the beauty industry.

When did Whistlindiesel get divorced?

Whistlindiesel announced his divorce from Rae in July 2022 in a YouTube video titled “I am Divorced.” The couple had been married for several years after tying the knot as teenagers.

Does Whistlindiesel have kids with Rae?

No, Whistlindiesel and Rae never had children together during their marriage. Whistlindiesel does not have any publicized children at this time.

How did Whistlindiesel meet his new girlfriend Katie?

Details on how Whistlindiesel met Katie Miller are unclear. Their relationship went public shortly after announcing his divorce, leading to speculation about when they actually started dating.

What is Whistlindiesel’s ex-wife Rae doing now?

After divorcing Whistlindiesel, Rae has continued creating content on YouTube and Instagram. She shares health, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle content with her fans and has over 260k Instagram followers.

Is Whistlindiesel still friends with his ex-wife Rae?

When announcing their divorce, Whistlindiesel and Rae said the split was amicable. They both still follow each other on Instagram as of November 2022 and seem to be on decent terms despite now being exes.

Why did Whistlindiesel and Rae get divorced?

Neither Whistlindiesel nor Rae have directly addressed clear reasons for their divorce. The couple was very private about issues in their marriage leading up to announcing their split.

Did Whistlindiesel cheat on Rae?

There is no definitive proof that Whistlindiesel cheated on Rae during their marriage. However, the quick timeline of him debuting a new girlfriend after their breakup sparked cheating rumors among fans.

How much is Whistlindiesel worth?

Estimates peg Whistlindiesel’s current net worth somewhere between $3-5 million. His wealth comes from YouTube ad revenue, brand sponsorships, merchandise sales and more.

Whistlindiesel took the internet by storm with his diesel truck stunts and mods. While fans were captivated by his relationship with Rae, their divorce represents the end of an era. Both have now moved on to new chapters in their lives. But one thing’s for sure—life with the “King of Diesel” is never boring!