How to Get 10 Diamonds in Free Fire? [UPDATE 2024]

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How to Get 10 Diamonds in Free Fire? It’s one of the most popular battle royale games for mobile devices. With over 1 billion downloads globally, this game by Garena has taken the world by storm. While Free Fire is free to play, there are in-game purchases available, with diamonds being the premium currency. Getting free diamonds allows you to buy elite passes, costumes, pets and more without spending real money. This article will provide a comprehensive guide on the various ways to get 10 free diamonds in Free Fire.

How to Get 10 Diamonds in Free Fire? [UPDATE 2024]
How to Get 10 Diamonds in Free Fire? [UPDATE 2024]

Overview of Free Fire Diamonds

  • Diamonds are the premium in-game currency used to purchase most items in the Free Fire store.
  • You can buy diamonds with real money via in-app purchases. Price depends on the diamond bundle, with higher bundles giving you more diamonds per dollar.
  • Apart from in-app purchases, there are various methods to earn free diamonds in the game.
  • 10 diamonds may not seem like much, but it’s enough to get you some basic upgrades and supplies.
  • Having a steady supply of free diamonds will enhance your overall gaming experience.

Why Get 10 Free Diamonds?

Here are some of the key benefits of getting 10 free diamonds in Free Fire:

  • Buy basic supplies – You can purchase basic supplies like armor, medkits and gloo walls with 10 diamonds. This can give you an edge early in a match.
  • Clear a slot in the weapon wheel – 10 diamonds is enough to remove a gun you don’t need from the weapon wheel, making space for a better gun.
  • Small upgrades – Make minor upgrades to your gaming experience, like new emotes or avatar customizations.
  • Save up for bigger purchases – 10 diamonds now can eventually add up to bigger purchases like elite passes, costly costumes and rare pets.
  • Motivation to keep playing – Getting free diamonds, however small the amount, is a great motivator to keep grinding and playing Free Fire regularly.

Even though 10 diamonds may seem insignificant, having them for free without spending money provides great utility and value. Now let’s look at how you can get 10 free diamonds in Free Fire.

Ways to Get 10 Free Diamonds in Free Fire

There are many clever, legitimate ways to earn small amounts of free diamonds in Free Fire, which can eventually add up to bigger rewards. Here are the top methods:

1. Google Opinion Rewards

  • Google Opinion Rewards is an Android app that gives you Google Play credits for answering short surveys.
  • These credits can be used to purchase diamond bundles in the Free Fire in-app store.
  • Each survey gives about $0.10 – $1.00 as credits. Saving up credits from multiple surveys will let you buy 10+ diamonds easily.
  • This is one of the easiest and most popular ways to get diamonds for free.

2. GPT Apps and Websites

  • GPT (Get-paid-to) apps like Swagbucks, GrabPoints, and Poll Pay allow you to complete tasks like surveys and play games to earn points.
  • These points can then be redeemed for Free Fire diamonds and other rewards.
  • Common GPT activities that earn points include answering polls, downloading apps, watching videos, playing games, referral bonuses and more.
  • 10 diamonds in Free Fire may cost around 2000-5000 points depending on the GPT platform.

3. Giveaways and Contests

  • Garena and other Free Fire fan communities often host giveaways and contests on social media.
  • These usually involve following certain accounts, sharing posts, commenting on giveaway posts and tagging friends.
  • Winners are randomly chosen and awarded small amounts of Free Fire diamonds.
  • You can participate in multiple giveaways to improve your chances of getting 10+ diamonds for free.

4. Advance through the Free Pass

  • Free Fire offers a free pass along with the premium elite pass in every new season.
  • Leveling up through the free pass can earn you diamonds, usually at intervals of 10-15 levels.
  • Reach milestones like level 15, 30, 50 etc. to get 10, 15 or 20 free diamonds.
  • Play regularly during ranked seasons and events to quickly progress through the free pass ranks.

5. Check in Daily

  • Free Fire provides check-in rewards when you login daily. These can include diamonds.
  • The check-in cycle usually resets every month. Checking in daily throughout the cycle can earn you 10+ diamonds.
  • Make sure to check in and claim your rewards, even on busy days. Set a daily reminder if you have to.
  • Consistent check-ins for multiple cycles can yield 50-100 free diamonds over time.

6. Complete Missions and Achievements

  • There are special missions and achievements in Free Fire that give diamonds as reward upon completion.
  • Missions may involve playing with friends, landing at certain spots, getting kills with a particular weapon, etc.
  • Achievements reward diamonds for milestones like number of kills, wins, weapons unlocked, distance traveled etc.
  • Look for and focus on completing diamond missions and achievements to get your free 10 diamonds.

7. Watch Ad Videos

  • Short advertisement videos in Free Fire reward you with diamonds for watching them fully.
  • These video ads are available on the main lobby screen or in between gameplay sessions.
  • Watching 3-4 ads can help you earn roughly 10 free diamonds.
  • The ads do not interrupt gameplay and you can watch them voluntarily to collect rewards.

8. Participate in Ranked Climb

  • Free Fire’s seasonal ranked mode Clash Squad has diamond rewards when you reach higher tiers like Gold, Platinum etc.
  • It takes consistent play with a steady win rate to climb ranked tiers each season.
  • But reaching milestone tiers will directly reward you with up to 20 diamonds depending on your tier.
  • Compete regularly in ranked mode and climb up the tiers to earn diamond bundles.

9. Spin the Wheel

  • There is a free daily wheel spin available in the Diamond Royale section.
  • Spinning this wheel has a small chance of winning you anything between 1-5 free diamonds.
  • While unlikely, you may get lucky and hit the diamond prize on the wheel.
  • Keep spinning daily for more chances to win free diamonds.

10. Participate in Esports Tournaments

  • Free Fire hosts many esports tournaments with cash prizes as well as in-game rewards.
  • Major tournaments like the Free Fire World Series have diamond giveaways and prize pools.
  • Even smaller tournaments by fan communities may offer 50-100 diamonds for top performers.
  • Compete regularly in such tournaments and perform well to win free diamonds.

Tips to Earn Diamonds Faster

Follow these tips to maximize your free diamond earnings in Free Fire:

  • Claim all daily check-in and spin wheel rewards consistently.
  • Target completing achievements and missions that offer diamond rewards.
  • Watch all video ads available in the main lobby and during gameplay.
  • Participate in every giveaway, contest and tournament that you come across.
  • Install GPT apps to earn points for diamond redemption on the side.
  • Level up rapidly during ranked seasons to reach tier milestones sooner.
  • Log in on special events like anniversary to avail limited-time diamond offers.
  • Bind your account to social media platforms like Facebook, Google, VK for bonus diamonds.
  • Refer friends and get them to use your referral code when they install Free Fire.

Frequently Asked Questions on Free Diamonds in Free Fire

Here are some common questions players have about getting free diamonds in Free Fire:

Q: How many free diamonds can I get realistically in a day?

A: By combining various methods like giveaways, ads, check-ins and wheel spins, you can expect to earn 10-20 free diamonds per day.

Q: Are there any hacks or generators for unlimited free diamonds?

A: Any claimed diamond hack or generator is illegitimate and should be avoided, as it can get your account banned.

Q: I completed an achievement but didn’t receive the diamond reward. What should I do?

A: Try restarting the game and checking again. If the reward still doesn’t come, contact customer support via the game.

Q: How long do I have to watch ad videos to earn diamonds?

A: Ad videos are usually 15-30 seconds long. Watching 3-5 ads will get you a few diamonds.

Q: Can I earn diamonds without spending money?

A: Yes, all the methods discussed in this article allow earning diamonds for free without spending real money.

Q: What is the maximum number of diamonds available from giveaways?

A: Most giveaways reward between 10-50 diamonds. Bigger tournaments or collaborations may give up to 100+ diamonds.


Getting free diamonds lets you enjoy Free Fire’s features without spending money. Small amounts like 10 diamonds can go a long way in getting supplies, upgrades and customizations. Use techniques like Google Opinion Rewards, GPT apps, giveaways, daily check-ins, ad videos and ranked progression to earn diamonds consistently. Remember to never use illegal generators, hacks or mods as they can lead to account bans. Practice legitimate methods smartly and accumulate your free diamonds over time.