What is MRT Pass? An In-Depth Look at Dhaka’s Metro Rail Transit Smart Card

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The MRT Pass (Mass Rapid Transit) is a contactless smart card ticketing system introduced by Dhaka Metro Rail for frequent commuters on Bangladesh’s first-ever metro rail. Launched in December 2022, the MRT Pass enhances convenience, offers discounts, and promotes a cashless commute on Dhaka’s new state-of-the-art rapid transit system.

What is MRT Pass? An In-Depth Look at Dhaka's Metro Rail Transit Smart Card
What is MRT Pass?

Overview of the MRT Pass

The MRT Pass is a durable, credit card-sized smart card with an embedded microchip that stores monetary value and trip history data. It enables seamless, queue-less travel through automated fare collection gates by simply tapping the card on electronic readers installed at metro stations.

Key features of the MRT Pass:

  • Contactless: No need to insert the card, just tap and go
  • Rechargeable: Add value as needed through ticket vending machines
  • Discounted fares: Get 10% off every metro trip
  • Queue-free entry/exit: Avoid ticket lines at metro stations
  • Valid for 10 years: Long-term usability, expires in 2034

Benefits of Using the MRT Pass

The MRT Pass makes commuting on Dhaka Metro convenient and budget-friendly. Major benefits include:

1. Avoid Ticketing Queues

The hassle of standing in long queues at metro stations to purchase paper tickets is eliminated with the MRT Pass. By enabling automated gate access, the smart card allows quick, queue-less entry and exit.

2. Get 10% Discount on Every Trip

MRT Pass holders enjoy a 10% fare discount on every metro journey, adding up to major savings for regular passengers. This discount applies to all trip distances.

3. Seamless Connectivity Across Transport Modes

In the future, the MRT Pass can be integrated with other modes like buses, ferries etc. for seamless multi-modal travel across Dhaka’s transport network.

4. Cashless, Secure Transactions

Since the MRT Pass is linked to your bank account, it allows cashless payment of fares in a secure environment. There is no need to top-up manually.

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How to Get an MRT Pass

Procuring an MRT Pass is quick and straightforward. Here is the step-by-step process:

Step 1: Fill Registration Form

  • Download form from DMTCL website or collect from metro stations
  • Provide essential details like name, DOB, NID, mobile number etc.

Step 2: Submit Form at Ticket Office

  • Completed form must be submitted at metro rail ticket counters
  • No additional documents/deposit needed

Step 3: Make Payment

  • Pay Tk. 500 (Tk. 200 refundable security deposit + Tk. 300 initial usable balance)
  • Payment options: bKash, card, cash etc.

Step 4: Receive Card

  • Verify registration details are correct
  • Collect personalized MRT Pass on the spot

How to Use the MRT Pass

Using the MRT Pass to commute on Dhaka Metro is very convenient. Just follow these simple steps during your journey:

1. Touch Card at Entry Gate Reader

  • Place the card on the electronic reader at the automated entry gate
  • Display shows fare deducted and remaining balance

2. Proceed to Platform

  • Wait for your metro rail train as usual
  • Board and take seat when train arrives

3. Tap Card at Exit Gate Reader

  • Touch card on exit gate reader when leaving station
  • Fare calculated and remaining balance displayed

4. View Trip History & Balance

  • Transaction history and card balance can be checked at ticket offices
  • Statements also available through registered mobile no/email

What is MRT Pass?

Feature Description
What is it? Contactless smartcard for Dhaka Metro transit system
Key technology Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Size and appearance Credit card-sized, durable plastic card with embedded microchip
Validity period 10 years (2024 – 2034)
Fare payment method Prepaid, stores monetary value for tap-and-go payment
Discounts offered 10% fare discount on every Dhaka Metro trip
Rechargeability Card balance can be topped up as needed via cash/card at metro TVM machines
Refundable deposit Tk. 200 security deposit (refundable if unused)
Other charges Tk. 50 card cancellation fee; Tk. 200 reissue fee for lost card
Usage Touch card on automated entry/exit gate readers; fare automatically deducted
Balance checking Available at metro station ticket offices; also via registered mobile no. /email

Recharging the MRT Pass

Topping up the stored value on your MRT Pass is easy. Follow this process:

  • When initial recharge amount is used up, card balance runs low
  • Visit nearest metro TVM machine any day from 7:15am-7:45pm
  • Add desired recharge amount via bKash/card/cash
  • Recharged value gets added to card; enjoy seamless travel again

MRT Pass Loss, Damage & Refunds

Here are the terms for dealing with an lost, damaged or unused MRT Pass:

Lost Card

  • Reissue Fee: Tk. 400 (Tk. 200 security deposit + Tk. 200 processing fee)
  • Refund eligibility: Original security deposit amount (less Tk. 50 service charge)

Damaged Card

  • Replacement Fee: Tk. 200 processing fee only
  • Balance automatically transferred to new card

Unused Card Refund

  • Refund eligibility: Initial recharge amount minus deductions
  • Deductions: Tk. 50 service charge + security deposit

Integration with Other Transport Modes

  • While currently used only on Dhaka Metro, the MRT Pass has the scope to serve as a common mobility card across different transport modes in the future.
  • This could enable seamless connections between metro, bus, and ferry networks with integrated ticketing. Commuters would be able use a single MRT Pass for daily multi-modal journeys across Dhaka.

Loyalty and Reward Points

  • Just like credit cards, metro authorities could introduce loyalty or reward points that get accumulated for frequency of travel using MRT Pass.
  • For example, after 10 metro trips, bonus points could be added that can be redeemed for free rides, discounts at metro mall outlets, or other incentives. This engages commuters more deeply.

Processing Power and Data Analytics

  • The advanced microchip in MRT Pass cards processes transaction history, travel patterns and usage behaviour which yields rich data.
  • Analytics can provide customer insights to Dhaka Metro like peak travel times, frequent embark/disembark stations, travel time taken etc. This can aid data-driven decision making.

Adoption Rate and Impacts

  • Within 2 months of launch in 2022, over 15,000 MRT Passes were already sold indicating strong public adoption.
  • Wider usage expected to reduce metro station congestion and queues as majority shift to automated smartcard-based entry/exit. This optimizes throughput.


With wide-ranging benefits from avoiding queues to enjoying discounts, the MRT Pass makes travel on Dhaka’s new metro rail system smooth, cashless and budget-friendly. As more stations open in the future, this smart card will become an integral lifestyle necessity for the capital’s mobile population.

Frequently Asked Questions About MRT Pass

What is the initial cost of an MRT pass?

The initial cost is Tk. 500, comprising a Tk. 200 refundable security deposit and Tk. 300 of usable balance for travel.

Where can I buy an MRT pass from?

Passes are issued on the spot at designated ticket counters at Dhaka metro stations upon submission of the registration form.

How do I use the card to enter/exit metro stations?

Simply tap the contactless MRT pass on automated gate readers while entering and leaving stations. Fare is automatically deducted.

Is there any requirement to top-up the card’s balance?

Yes, when the initial recharge amount is utilized, value can be added via cash/card at metro TVM machines conveniently.

What is the refund eligibility for unused/lost MRT passes?

An unused pass can be refunded after deducting service charge and deposit. For a lost pass, the security deposit amount is refundable after reissue deductions.