Tohfa Web Series Cast – Meet the Cast Behind ULLU’s Romantic Web Series Tohfa

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Tohfa is an Indian web series that premiered on Ullu in 2021. The romantic drama stars several popular television actors in pivotal roles. Here is a look at the main cast members of the Tohfa web series.

Tohfa Web Series Cast

Tohfa Web Series Cast

Actor Character Description
Anjali Anand Tohfa Lead role, plays a small town girl pursuing her acting dreams in Mumbai
Rahil Azam Imtiaz Lead role, portrays a struggling writer who helps Tohfa navigate the entertainment industry
Arjun Singh Shekhawat Vicky Tohfa’s friend who secretly loves her
Nishad Vaidya Sam Main antagonist, ruthless entertainment manager who takes advantage of Tohfa
Jahanvi Rawat Megha Tohfa’s best friend and roommate who supports her
Gaurav Mukesh Rocky Sam’s brother who helps him but falls for Tohfa
Alekh Sangal Producer Supporting role of a film producer
Prinal Oberoi Item Girl Supporting role of an item dancer
Manish Nawani Investigative Officer Supporting role of an officer investigating crimes

Anjali Anand as Tohfa

Anjali Anand plays the lead role of Tohfa in the web series. Anjali is an actress known for her work in television shows like Kuldeepak and Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye. In Tohfa, she plays a small town girl who moves to Mumbai to pursue her passion. However, she soon realizes that the path she has chosen is filled with dangerous obstacles.

Rahil Azam as Imtiaz

Rahil Azam portrays the character of Imtiaz, who is the male lead of the series. Rahil is a model and actor known for shows like Bepannah and Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story. In Tohfa, Rahil plays a struggling writer who helps Tohfa navigate the dark underbelly of the entertainment industry. The two eventually fall in love.

Supporting Cast

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Arjun Singh Shekhawat as Vicky

Arjun Singh Shekhawat plays the role of Vicky in Tohfa. Arjun is relatively new to the acting scene but brings an interesting edge to his character. Vicky is Tohfa’s friend who secretly has feelings for her. When she begins a relationship with Imtiaz, Vicky becomes jealous and behaves questionably.

Nishad Vaidya as Sam

Nishad Vaidya portrays Sam in the Tohfa cast. Sam is ruthless entertainment manager who takes advantage of Tohfa’s naivety when she comes to Mumbai. He promises to make her a star but actually pushes her into inappropriate situations. Sam acts as the main antagonist of the show.

Jahanvi Rawat as Megha

Jahanvi Rawat plays the role of Megha, who is Tohfa’s best friend and roommate. Jahanvi is known for shows like Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Her character Megha cares deeply for Tohfa and tries to support her through every up and down. She serves as Tohfa’s voice of reason when things get chaotic.

Gaurav Mukesh as Rocky

Gaurav Mukesh joins the cast as Rocky, who is Sam’s younger brother. Rocky helps Sam take advantage of newcomers to the industry. However, when he meets Tohfa he begins questioning his own morals and values. He finds himself falling for her, despite his brother’s warnings.

Other Supporting Actors

The Tohfa cast also includes supporting actors like Alekh Sangal as a producer, Prinal Oberoi as an item girl, and Manish Nawani as an investigative officer. These characters help move the plot forward through blackmail, mystery, and drama.

Key Details About Tohfa Web Series

  • Directed by Alok Shrivastava
  • Written by Sunil Dilwali
  • Produced by ULLU
  • 11 episodes
  • Genre: Romance, Drama
  • Length: 20-30 minutes per episode
  • Available on ULLU app and website

Plot Summary

The Tohfa plot follows a small-town girl named Tohfa who dreams of becoming an actress. She moves to Mumbai with her best friend Megha and struggles to get acting jobs. Tohfa meets a writer named Imtiaz who helps her navigate the entertainment world and they fall deeply in love.

However, the path to stardom is filled with predators looking to take advantage of newcomers. A ruthless manager named Sam promises to make Tohfa a star but pushes her into uncomfortable situations with producers and directors. Tohfa must learn to stand up for herself and fight back against Sam’s schemes with the help of Imtiaz and her friends.

Throughout the ups and downs, the plot explores themes of love, morals, trust, and achieving one’s dreams. Tohfa ultimately emerges stronger and more empowered thanks to the support of her loved ones.

Why Tohfa Web Series Got Attention

The Tohfa web series garnered attention for several reasons:

  • Cast chemistry – Anjali and Rahil displayed strong on-screen chemistry as the lead pair, keeping audiences engaged in their love story.
  • Steamy intimate scenes – In line with other ULLU originals, Tohfa also had several steamy intimate scenes between the leads that grabbed eyeballs.
  • Dramatic twists – The drama and suspense around predator Sam’s schemes to trap newcomers kept things interesting.
  • Strong female lead – Viewers appreciated Tohfa’s character arc as she learned to stand up for herself against bullies.
  • Catchy Music – Songs like “Tohfa Tera” became popular among fans on streaming platforms.

Overall, a mix of compelling lead stars, romantic storylines, and dramatic twists helped Tohfa gain traction in the digital space.

FAQs on Tohfa Web Series

Q: Who is the lead actress in Tohfa web series?

A: Anjali Anand plays the lead role of Tohfa in the new Ullu web series.

Q: What is Tohfa ULLU web series release date?

A: The Tohfa web series released all 11 episodes on 25th February 2021 on ULLU app and website.

Q: Who plays the role of Imtiaz in Tohfa?

A: Actor Rahil Azam portrays the role of struggling writer Imtiaz who helps the lead Tohfa navigate the entertainment industry.

Q: Is the Tohfa web series worth watching?

A: Yes, Tohfa has garnered positive reviews for its intriguing plot, bold content and performances by Anjali Anand and Rahil Azam.

Q: Where can I watch Tohfa web series online?

A: You can watch all episodes of the new Ullu Tohfa web series exclusively on the ULLU app or website through subscriptions.