David Krejci Wife : Naomi Starr and Their Love Story

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David Krejci Wife! The whirlwind romance between Boston Bruins star David Krejci and former model Naomi Starr is a modern-day fairy tale. Their love story began like a chance encounter from a romantic comedy movie.

In the summer of 2009, Naomi attended a party in Boston with friends. Little did she know her life was about to change forever when she caught the eye of a dashing, professional hockey player across the room – David Krejci.

“It was definitely love at first sight,” Naomi gushed in an interview. “I saw David and thought he was the most handsome man I’d ever seen. When we started talking, I knew he was the one.”

The pair hit it off immediately, spending hours chatting and getting to know each other. By the end of the night, David mustered up the courage to ask Naomi out on their first date.

From that serendipitous first meeting blossomed a beautiful relationship filled with love, laughter, and an unbreakable bond. After five years of dating, the couple decided to take their fairy tale to the next level.

David Krejci Wife
David Krejci Wife

A Storybook Wedding in the Czech Republic

On August 23, 2014, David Krejci and Naomi Starr said “I do” in a breathtaking ceremony in Sternberk, Czech Republic – David’s hometown.

The stunning wedding was fit for royalty, with Naomi looking ethereal in a gorgeous white gown. David beamed with pride as his beautiful bride walked down the aisle towards their happily ever after.

“Marrying David was the best day of my life,” Naomi reminisced. “Celebrating our love surrounded by our closest family and friends in such a romantic, historic place was truly magical.”

The joyous festivities went late into the night as the newlyweds danced, drank, and reveled in their new beginning as husband and wife. It was a night straight out of a storybook that the couple will cherish forever.

Building a Life and Family in Boston

After tying the knot, David and Naomi settled down in Boston to start their life together as a married couple. In the following years, their fairy tale grew even sweeter with the arrivals of their two children:

  • Daughter Elina Krejci (born August 23, 2015 – the couple’s first wedding anniversary)
  • Son Everett Krejci (born April 2018)

Despite being in the spotlight as the wife of an NHL star, Naomi is a supremely devoted mother who places her family above all else.

“My kids are my whole world,” she professed. “Being a mom is the most important job I’ll ever have. I cherish every moment with Elina and Everett.”

When David is on the road, Naomi holds down the fort, running the household and caring for their children with loving attention. And when the Bruins are home, the entire Krejci family can be spotted at TD Garden cheering on their husband and father.

David Krejci’s Family Members
Wife Naomi Starr
Daughter Elina Krejci
Son Everett Krejci

Life for the Krejci clan is a balanced mix of professional hockey, hands-on parenting, and creating treasured family memories together.

More Than Just a Hockey Wife : Naomi’s Background and Philanthropy

While she may be most well-known as David Krejci’s wife, Naomi Starr is far more than just a hockey spouse. She had an accomplished career as a professional model and actress before meeting her husband.

In 2005, Naomi was crowned the winner of the Miss Cobra Seats contest held by Sube Sports. This launched her into the spotlight, modeling for major brands and walking in high-profile fashion shows.

“Winning Miss Cobra Seats was a huge accomplishment and really kickstarted my modeling dreams,” Naomi said. “I was able to see the world thanks to that opportunity.”

After modeling for nearly a decade, Naomi eventually transitioned into acting, appearing in minor television roles in the late 2000s. Her talents and stunning looks made her a natural on the small screen.

However, Naomi’s true passion lies in philanthropic work, using her platform for the greater good. She has worked closely with numerous charities over the years, especially those benefitting children and families in need.

“I feel so blessed for the life I’ve had,” Naomi expressed. “Giving back through charity is one way I can pay it forward and hopefully impact other people’s lives in a positive way.”

Some of the major organizations Naomi Starr supports include:

  • Boston Children’s Hospital – Providing financial assistance and childhood cancer awareness
  • Hockey Fights Cancer – Raising funds for research and supporting those impacted by cancer
  • Compassion International – Supporting children living in poverty worldwide
  • CzechCauses.org – Various Czech Republic-based humanitarian aid initiatives

Through a mix of charity events, fundraising campaigns, and sharing her generosity, Naomi continues to make the world a little bit brighter. Her loving heart and caring soul are prime examples of a modern-day philanthropist.

Naomi Starr : David Krejci’s Biggest Fan and Source of Strength

At the end of the day, Naomi Starr’s most important role is being David Krejci’s rock, closest confidante, and number one fan. From the Bruins’ biggest wins to their most heartbreaking losses, she has remained by his side through it all.

“David is my best friend, my soulmate, the love of my life,” Naomi said adoringly. “I’ll always believe in him and support him, no matter what.”

Whenever doubts, struggles, or hardships arise, Naomi is David’s biggest cheerleader, boosting his spirits and helping him refocus. Her unconditional love provides David the strength to overcome any adversity that comes his way.

Navigating the high-pressure world of professional sports is challenging, but having Naomi’s wholehearted support makes all the difference. She is a steady source of joy, comfort and encouragement both on and off the ice.

In The Words of David Krejci Wife

“Naomi is the most amazing woman. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without her. She inspires me every single day to be better – a better hockey player, a better husband, a better father. With Naomi by my side, I know I can conquer anything this crazy world throws at me.”

Frequently Asked Questions about Naomi Starr and David Krejci

Q1: How did David Krejci and Naomi Starr meet?

A1: David Krejci and Naomi Starr met by chance at a party in Boston in 2009. It was love at first sight, and after hitting it off, David asked Naomi out on their first date.

Q2: When did David Krejci and Naomi Starr get married?

A2: David Krejci and Naomi Starr got married on August 23, 2014 in Sternberk, Czech Republic in a beautiful, romantic ceremony.

Q3: How many children do David Krejci and Naomi Starr have?

A3: David Krejci and Naomi Starr have two children together – daughter Elina (born 2015) and son Everett (born 2018).

Q4: What did Naomi Starr do before becoming a hockey wife?

A4: Before meeting David Krejci, Naomi Starr had a successful career as a professional model and actress. She won the Miss Cobra Seats contest in 2005, modeled for major brands, and appeared in minor TV roles.

Q5: What charities and philanthropic causes does Naomi Starr support?

A5: Naomi Starr is heavily involved in charity work, especially organizations supporting children’s health, cancer research, poverty relief, and Czech Republic humanitarian aid. Some top causes include Boston Children’s Hospital, Hockey Fights Cancer, Compassion International, and CzechCauses.org.

In summary, David Krejci and Naomi Starr’s whirlwind romance, storybook wedding, and wonderful family life make them one of the NHL’s most beloved power couples. More than just a hockey wife, Naomi’s background as a model and actress combined with her selfless philanthropic efforts showcase her as a true modern-day Renaissance woman. With their deep, unbreakable bond, David and Naomi are living out their real-life fairy tale.