Revamped for Success : OPPO A18 Steps

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Just in time for the festive Eid spirit sweeping Bangladesh, OPPO, the global smartphone innovator, orchestrates a symphony of innovation with the unveiling of a new iteration of its acclaimed marvel. Enter the stage, the OPPO A18, a fan favorite poised to captivate users with a fresh variant, equally iconic yet conveniently priced. Fear not, loyal fans, as the previous edition continues to shine alongside its successor, each carving its own niche in the hearts of users.

OPPO A18 Steps

Already a sensation with its feature-packed offerings, the OPPO A18 now unveils its latest rendition: the 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM version, priced at a user-friendly BDT 12,990. Available in Glowing Black and Glowing Blue, users can immerse themselves in the shimmering depths of a pearly design or the spirited hues of summertime.

Smooth as silk, the OPPO A18 effortlessly tackles heavy multitasking, ensuring a lag-free experience with its 36-Month Fluency Guarantee. Rigorously tested in The OPPO Lab, its long-term fluidity promises unwavering smoothness for a remarkable three-year span.

Empowered by the agile RAM Expansion technology, the OPPO A18 minimizes background app kills, optimizing storage without compromising speed or smoothness. Say goodbye to storage woes, as the 4GB RAM and expanded 64GB ROM duo promise a seamless user experience.

The OPPO A18 enchants with its vibrant 90Hz Sunlight Display, where colors burst forth in brilliance, offering a visual feast of clarity and harmony. Its rapid refresh rate ensures scrolling bliss on favorite social media platforms.

Enter the 300% Ultra Volume Mode, ensuring audio clarity that transcends noise barriers. From trendy tunes to thrilling sports commentary, elevate your auditory experience with a roar that pierces through any commotion.