Michelle Moyer Biography : Complex Story Behind Dennis Rodman’s Ex-Wife

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Michelle Moyer met basketball legend Dennis Rodman in 1999 at a bar in Newport Beach, California. At the time, Rodman was at the height of his fame, known as much for his flamboyant antics off the court as for his skills on it. Moyer was a single mom with a young daughter. Despite their very different backgrounds, a connection was sparked. They went on to have two children together, son D.J. and daughter Trinity, before marrying in 2003.

Their relationship was unconventional from the start. They lived in separate homes two miles away from each other during their marriage. “We won’t live together. I like it like that. She and the kids come over on weekends,” Rodman told the Los Angeles Times after their wedding.

Over the years, Moyer has been sporadically in the public eye as Rodman’s partner. But she has also faced challenges raising her family while married to one of basketball’s most controversial figures.

Michelle Moyer Biography : Complex Story Behind Dennis Rodman's Ex-Wife

Michelle Moyer Biography

Category Information
Full Name Michelle Moyer
Birthdate April 27, 1967
Birth Place Unknown
Occupation Unknown, likely homemaker
Marriage to Dennis Rodman Married May 13, 2003; Divorced 2012
  • Daughter Teyana Lima (from previous relationship)
  • Son D.J. Rodman (b. 2001 with Dennis Rodman)
  • Daughter Trinity Rodman (b. 2002 with Dennis Rodman)
Current Residence Believed to still reside in Southern California
Siblings Unknown
Parents Names unknown
Education Unknown
Known For Being Dennis Rodman’s ex-wife and mother of Trinity Rodman

Early Life & Background

  • Details on Moyer’s upbringing, parents, and early life before meeting Dennis Rodman are not publicly known. She has kept this part of her life very private.
  • It is unclear where exactly Moyer was born or raised. Based on now living in Southern California, it is possible she is a native of California.
  • Her educational background and any early career ambitions or jobs have not been shared publicly.

Life After Dennis Rodman

  • Very little information exists about how Michelle has spent her time since divorcing Rodman in 2012. She has maintained privacy and stayed out of the news.
  • It is likely she continues to be focused on raising her young grandchildren Kya and Koa. Being a grandmother seems to be her main role currently.
  • Where she lives precisely and whether she works outside the home is unknown beyond speculation that she remains in Southern California near her kids.

Interests & Hobbies

  • Besides attending her children’s and grandkids’ sports games, how else Moyer enjoys her time is not public knowledge.
  • She may have interests in areas like travel, arts, volunteering etc. but has not indicated specific hobbies to the media.

Views & Perspectives

  • As someone who has lived her life outside fame’s spotlight, Moyer’s general perspectives and political or social views are kept mainly private.
  • Her social media posts focus overwhelmingly on family over any opinions or commentary on current events or issues.

A Tumultuous Marriage

Rodman’s wild partying and unrestrained behavior took a toll on his marriage to Moyer. In 2004, after just a year of marriage, Moyer filed for divorce.

The impetus was a serious motorcycle accident Moyer suffered while riding a Harley-Davidson gifted to her by Rodman. As Moyer told ESPN in 2022:

I’m blessed to be alive. But I knew that I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to be there for my kids. I decided to divorce and be done with the Dennis stuff. That was it for me.

The couple reconciled for a period and remained legally married until 2012 when their divorce was finalized. During their on-again-off-again relationship, Moyer was repeatedly subjected to Rodman’s erratic behavior. There were many publicized incidents, including Rodman showing up drunk at a 2006 book signing and having to be hauled out by police.

Raising Her Family

With Rodman often emotionally and physically distant, Moyer took on parenting D.J. and Trinity mostly by herself. For years, her kids’ relationship with their famous dad was sporadic at best.

Living in Orange County, Moyer’s life with her young children was unstable during the 2000s. At one point, the family lived in a budget motel. Over the course of a decade, they moved nearly 10 times. Despite Rodman’s substantial NBA earnings, his financial support was inconsistent.

People don’t have a clue, not a clue. It was a roller coaster of you have money, you don’t have money, Moyer told ESPN.

As the primary caregiver and breadwinner, Moyer worked hard to give her children security. Both D.J. and Trinity have credited their mother for her devotion to them during their challenging upbringing.

Michelle Moyer Biography : Complex Story Behind Dennis Rodman's Ex-Wife

Her Children’s Success

Today, Trinity Rodman is a rising soccer star who debuted with the U.S. Women’s National Team in 2022 at age 20. She was also the number two draft pick in the National Women’s Soccer League in 2021.

Her older brother D.J. played basketball for Washington State University before transferring to play for the University of Southern California in 2023.

Moyer has been a constant presence at her children’s games and matches over the years. She is frequently spotted in the stands sporting baseball caps with “Rodman Mom” embroidered on them. Her unwavering support has been vital to D.J. and Trinity as they’ve pursued careers in competitive sports.

Family Bonds

Despite the turbulence of Moyer’s marriage to Dennis Rodman, she has built an extremely close relationship with her children.

Both D.J. and Trinity frequently post loving tributes to their mom on social media. Last year for Moyer’s 55th birthday, Trinity wrote on Instagram:

I love you so much mommy thanks for being u, and being my #1 supporter and best friend ❤️ ur so amazing and loving wouldn’t want anyone else to help me through life.

The matriarch is now also a grandmother. Her older daughter Teyana had two children, Kya and Koa, who Moyer dotes on.

No doubt the strength Moyer displayed as a single mom has been an inspiration for her own children as they’ve become parents.

Michelle Moyer Biography : Complex Story Behind Dennis Rodman's Ex-Wife

In the Spotlight

These days, Moyer occasionally steps into the spotlight to support her daughter Trinity’s bourgeoning career.

In 2022, she accompanied Trinity to the prestigious TIME100 Next gala in New York City, celebrating her daughter’s inclusion on the list of rising stars. Trinity stunned in a black gown while Moyer rocked an edgy black pantsuit.

Moyer also stood proudly next to Trinity in 2021 as she was drafted 2nd overall in the NWSL, destined to become one of women’s soccer’s biggest names.

Despite her tumultuous history with Rodman, Moyer has refrained from making negative public statements about her ex-husband. She continues to use the Rodman name and affiliates proudly with the family brand.

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The Dennis Connection

Evidence of Moyer’s permanant connection to controversial NBA icon Dennis Rodman is literally tattooed on her body. She has “Mrs. Rodman” inked on her back, while Rodman sports her initials and a portrait of her lips.

In his 2005 memoir I Should Be Dead by Now, Rodman shared:

One night Michelle and I were out drinking and I said to her, ‘You know, you really should get a tattoo that says Mrs. Rodman.’ And she said, ‘Well, then you need to get a tattoo of my lips.’ So we headed straight for the tattoo parlor, and that’s what we got.

Despite divorcing seven years later, Moyer has kept her sizable “Mrs. Rodman” tattoo.

Looking Ahead

Now in her mid-50s, Michelle Moyer enjoys her life as a mother and grandmother. She maintains a friendly relationship with Rodman but is focused on her children and grandchildren.

Moyer’s early struggles built perseverance and molded her into the steadfast supporter she is today. Her daughter Trinity has called her “the strongest individual I have ever known.” Without Moyer’s devotion, her kids’ paths to success would have been far more uncertain.

Though much of her life has been defined by her controversial marriage and divorce from an NBA legend, Michelle Moyer’s defining legacy is the unbreakable bond she shares with her family.

Michelle Moyer Biography : Complex Story Behind Dennis Rodman's Ex-Wife

Frequently Asked Questions About Michelle Moyer Biography

Here are answers to some common questions people have about Trinity Rodman’s mom and Dennis Rodman’s ex-wife:

When and where did Michelle Moyer meet Dennis Rodman?

Moyer met Rodman in 1999 at a bar in Newport Beach, California. At the time, Rodman was at the peak of his success with five NBA championships.

How many children does Michelle Moyer have?

Moyer has three children total: an older daughter Teyana Lima from a previous relationship, son D.J. Rodman (b. 2001) with Dennis Rodman, and daughter Trinity Rodman (b. 2002), also with Rodman.

Why did Michelle Moyer divorce Dennis Rodman?

Moyer first filed for divorce in 2004 after suffering severe injuries in a motorcycle accident. She cited Rodman’s drinking and party lifestyle as unsustainable for raising a family. Though they later reconciled, they divorced for good in 2012.

What does Michelle Moyer do for a living?

For many years Moyer worked regular jobs to support her family as a single mom. Details on her current career are unclear, though she is likely able to live more comfortably now thanks to Trinity’s lucrative soccer contracts.

Where does Michelle Moyer live?

It is believed Moyer still resides in Southern California to be near her children. Trinity Rodman plays soccer for the Washington Spirit, while son D.J. attends USC. Moyer frequently flies out to attend their games.

Does Michelle Moyer have a good relationship with her kids?

Yes. Both D.J. and Trinity praise their mom for her unconditional love