Glenda Bautista Biography : From WWE Star’s Ex to Tech Advertising Leader

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Glenda Bautista is a senior leader in the advertising technology industry, currently serving as the Senior Director of Ad Products at Hearst Publishing Company. However, she first came into the public eye as the former wife of renowned WWE wrestler and actor Dave Bautista. Their high-profile relationship and subsequent divorce brought her significant attention before she established herself as a leader in her field.

In this extensive biography, we explore Glenda Bautista’s journey from the ex-wife of a celebrity into an accomplished advertising executive spearheading innovation in her industry.

Glenda Bautista Biography

Glenda Bautista Biography

Category Information
Full Name Glenda Bautista
Gender Female
Age Early 50s (Exact DOB unknown)
Profession Senior Director – Ad Products, Hearst Publishing Company
Former Profession Ex-wife of Dave Bautista
Marital Status Married to Chris Baker (Previously married to Dave Bautista)
Children 2 daughters – Kelilani and Athena (with Dave Bautista)
Education The State University of New York at Albany
Net Worth Estimated $300,000
Nationality American
Key Roles Held Director at AOL, Adprime Media, CoPromote, Varick Media Management
Current Employer Hearst Publishing Company
Accomplishments 20+ years in ad tech, Led multiple product innovations, Instrumental leadership roles

The Story of Her Marriage and Divorce from Dave Bautista

Glenda Bautista met wrestler Dave Bautista in the late 1980s, and the two began a romantic relationship. At the time, Dave was an up-and-coming professional wrestler who would later achieve tremendous fame in the WWE. They married on March 25, 1990, the same year Dave made his wrestling debut.

Dave and Glenda had two daughters together, Kelilani in 1990 and Athena in 1992. However, the marriage ran into difficulties, with Dave’s intensive wrestling schedule and frequent travel putting strain on the relationship.

After 8 years of marriage, Glenda Bautista filed for divorce from Dave Bautista in 1998. The split was widely covered in wrestling magazines and websites as Dave was at the peak of his WWE career.

The divorce brought significant public attention towards Glenda as the wife of a high-profile celebrity. However, she maintained a relatively private personal life in subsequent years as she focused on raising her daughters as a single mother.

Meanwhile, Dave Bautista went on to achieve even greater fame in WWE, ultimately becoming a 6-time world champion. He later transitioned into a successful Hollywood acting career, starring in films like Spectre, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Dune. His current net worth stands at an estimated $13 million.

So while Glenda Bautista was thrust into the spotlight owing to her relationship with Dave Bautista, she would gradually build her own independent career and identity.

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Glenda Bautista Biography

Foray into Advertising Technology

Following her divorce, Glenda completed her college education at The State University of New York at Albany. She graduated with a degree focusing on communication, advertising, and technology.

In the early 2000s, the advertising industry was undergoing rapid digitization with the emergence of new media channels, technologies, and data-driven approaches. Sensing immense opportunities in this evolution, Glenda began carving out a career at the cutting edge.

She started out in advertising sales roles at AOL and smaller ad tech firms. Through dedicated effort and continuously upgrading her skills, Glenda systematically grew into ad product development and product leadership positions.

By 2014, she had risen to become the Director of Monetization at video ad platform Adprime Media. She led the development and optimization of data, targeting, bidding, and reporting modules that were crucial for the company’s growth.

Leadership Roles and Innovations

Over an illustrious career spanning nearly 20 years, Glenda Bautista has played instrumental leadership roles in driving innovation for major ad tech players.

As the Director of Platform Products at video monetization firm CoPromote, she spearheaded the development and integration of SDKs (software development kits) across mobile, OTT, and CTV platforms. This allowed CoPromote’s advertising solutions to seamlessly work across emerging channels.

At Varick Media Management, a division of the global marketing conglomerate MDC Partners, Glenda served as Head of Product for their audience intelligence platform. She led product design and development of CRM, analytics and activation modules that powered targeted ad campaigns.

In her current role as a Senior Director at Hearst Publishing Company, Glenda oversees product innovation and revenue growth initiatives for Hearst Magazines’ digital advertising business. This includes optimizing programmatic advertising, crafting product roadmaps and managing large engineering teams.

With her deep technical expertise and solutions-focused approach, Glenda has driven tangible impact throughout her career. She has built and delivered cutting-edge advertising products across video, mobile, OTT, CTV and more. Her innovations have kept pace with the rapidly evolving digital media ecosystem.

Industry peers and colleagues praise Glenda for her strategic vision, customer orientation, and strong leadership. She has mentored both junior and senior talent, passing on her product development and management knowledge.

Glenda Bautista Biography : From WWE Star's Ex to Tech Advertising Leader

Personal Life in Recent Years

On the personal front, Glenda focused on raising her two daughters as a single mother after her divorce from Dave Bautista. Both Kelilani and Athena have now graduated from university and embarked on their respective careers.

Glenda found love again with her husband Chris Baker, whom she married in 2014. Chris is a senior software engineering professional.

While Glenda guards her private life, she is occasionally seen accompanying her now famous ex-husband Dave Bautista at premieres and launch events of his films. They maintain an amicable relationship.

Today, Glenda leads a happy and fulfilled life, balancing a thriving career, loving marriage and warm family bonds.

Glenda Bautista’s Legacy

When Glenda Bautista first captured public attention in the late 1990s owing to her high-profile divorce from WWE icon Dave Bautista, few would have envisaged her successful reinvention as a leader in advertising technology.

She could have easily rested on the laurels of being a celebrity ex-wife. Instead, Glenda went back to college as a single mom, gained new skills and then systematically built an impactful 20-year career in ad tech.

Her journey has seen her pioneer innovations in mobile, CTV and data-driven advertising to drive targeted marketing for major publishers and platforms.

Currently at the peak of her profession as Senior Director at Hearst Publishing Company, Glenda serves as an inspiration – both of personal resilience and career excellence for women aiming for leadership roles in technology.

While independent fame and success eluded her during her initial brush with celebrity, Glenda Bautista has certainly forged her own identity as an exemplary leader in advertising technology.

Her story stands out as a remarkable transition from the ex-wife of a star into an accomplished executive spearheading innovation in her industry.

Glenda Bautista – Net Worth and Salary

  • Glenda Bautista has an estimated net worth of $300,000 as of 2023
  • This estimation is drawn from her high-paying senior leadership role at Hearst Publishing Company
  • Average salaries for equivalent product leadership positions range from $200,000 to $350,000
  • Combined with her past roles and 20+ years of experience, Glenda’s net worth is expected to run into a few hundred thousand dollars.
  • In contrast, her famous ex-husband Dave Bautista has a net worth of $13 million, amassed from his acting and WWE career spanning over two decades.

Frequently Asked Questions About Glenda Bautista Biography

  1. What is Glenda Bautista best known for?

Glenda Bautista is best known as the ex-wife of professional wrestler and actor Dave Bautista. Their high-profile relationship and divorce brought her significant public attention in the late 1990s. Since then, Glenda has established herself as a leader in advertising technology, currently holding a top role at Hearst Publishing Company.

  1. How old is Glenda Bautista?

While Glenda Bautista’s exact year of birth is unknown, she is likely in her early 50s as of 2023. She married Dave Bautista in 1990 who was born in 1969, suggesting Glenda was of a similar age. Her oldest daughter Kelilani is in her 30s.

  1. What does Glenda Bautista do at Hearst Publishing Company?

Glenda Bautista is the Senior Director of Ad Products at Hearst Publishing Company. She oversees product innovation and revenue growth initiatives for Hearst Magazines’ digital advertising business. Her role involves leading large engineering teams to optimize programmatic advertising, craft product roadmaps and more.

  1. What was the reason for divorce between Glenda Bautista and Dave Bautista?

The intensive travel and irregular schedule that came with professional wrestling reportedly put a strain on the relationship. While the exact reasons have not been publicized by either party, the high-stress lifestyle ultimately led to a divorce in 1998 after 8 years of marriage. They have maintained an amicable relationship since.

  1. Who is Glenda Bautista’s husband now?

Glenda Bautista married Chris Baker, a senior software engineer, in 2014. Chris has been supportive of Glenda’s career over the course of their relationship.