Finley Elaine Griffin : A Look at One of The Most Controversial Celebrity Kids

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Finley Elaine Griffin may only be 6 years old, but she’s already generated her fair share of headlines and controversy. As the daughter of NBA star Blake Griffin and Brynn Cameron, Finley has found herself the subject of custody disputes, lawsuits, and all sorts of family drama before she’s even old enough to understand it.

In many ways, Finley’s story encapsulates the darker side of fame – when bitter breakups, broken families, and parental disputes play out messily in the public eye. It also shows how innocent children can get caught in the crossfire when relationships break down.

So who is Finley Elaine Griffin and why is her story so contentious? Let’s take a deeper look.

Finley Elaine Griffin : A Look at One of The Most Controversial Celebrity Kids

The Key Players

First, let’s get to know the key figures in Finley’s life:

Blake Griffin

  • 6ft 10in NBA power forward/center
  • Drafted 1st overall by LA Clippers in 2009
  • 6x NBA All-Star (2011–2015, 2019)
  • All-NBA Second Team (2014)
  • NBA Rookie of the Year (2011)
  • Current max contract worth $173 million over 5 years

Blake is one of the biggest stars in the NBA. The #1 draft pick in 2009 quickly established himself as an explosive dunker and elite power forward. He spent his first 8 seasons with the LA Clippers, before being traded to the Detroit Pistons in 2018.

Off the court, Blake is known for his comedy and guest appearances in shows like Broad City. He has an estimated net worth of over $60 million.

Brynn Cameron

  • Former college basketball player
  • Star athlete at USC from 2004-2007
  • 2x All-Pac-10 First Team (2006, 2007)
  • All-Pac-10 Defensive Team (2005, 2007)

Brynn is a former college basketball standout, who had hopes of playing professionally before injuries derailed her career. She met Blake Griffin while attending Oklahoma University with him and briefly played together on the OU basketball team.

After college, Brynn went on to create a non-profit called ‘The Brynn Cameron Foundation’ which hosts sports camps for disadvantaged kids.

Matt Leinart

  • NFL quarterback
  • Heisman Trophy Winner at USC
  • 1st round draft pick of Arizona Cardinals
  • Dated Brynn Cameron 2006-2007
  • Father of Brynn’s first son Cole

Leinart is a former star QB who had a lackluster NFL career, but made headlines for his personal life. He dated Brynn Cameron during her time at USC and they had a son together, Cole Cameron Leinart, born in 2007. They broke up shortly after Cole’s birth.

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The History and Relationships

Now that you know the key players in this domestic drama, let’s break down the timeline of Finley’s controversial family history:

2006-2007 – Blake Griffin and Brynn Cameron are college sweethearts playing basketball for the Oklahoma Sooners. Meanwhile, Brynn Cameron dates Matt Leinart and gives birth to their son, Cole Cameron Leinart in 2007.

2009 – Griffin leaves Oklahoma after his sophomore year to declare for the NBA draft. He’s selected 1st overall by the Los Angeles Clippers. Cameron moves to LA reportedly to be closer to Griffin.

2011 – Griffin signs a 5-year $95 million contract extension with the Clippers. Brynn Cameron starts the Brynn Cameron Foundation non-profit.

2016 – On September 1st, their daughter Finley Elaine Griffin is born in Los Angeles.

2017 – Griffin proposes to Cameron in May. Their wedding is planned for July 28th, but called off just days before. The reason is not made public.

2018 – In January, Blake Griffin is traded by the Clippers to the Detroit Pistons. In February, Brynn Cameron files a lawsuit against Griffin for palimony support stretching back to 2014, claiming he abandoned her and their two children.

2020 – After months of disputes, Cameron’s lawsuit is reportedly settled privately out of court.

2023 – Finley now lives with her mother Cameron while Blake Griffin plays for the Boston Celtics. The family dynamic seems to still be strained.

finley elaine griffin

Name Finley Elaine Griffin
DOB September 1, 2016
Age 6 years old
Birth Place Los Angeles, California
Parents Father: Blake Griffin Mother: Brynn Cameron
Siblings Ford Wilson Cameron Griffin (Older Brother) and Cole Cameron Leinart (Half-Brother)
Parents Relationship Timeline
    • 2006-2007: College sweethearts at Oklahoma University
    • 2009-2017: Together raising kids in LA
    • 2017: Engaged, wedding cancelled
    • 2018: Acrimonious breakup & lawsuit
Custody Lives primarily with mother Brynn
Father’s Career Blake Griffin – NBA Star, currently plays for Boston Celtics
Mother’s Career Brynn Cameron – Founder of non-profit foundation

Finley’s Early Years

Very little is publicly known about Finley’s first few years of life. She would have grown up in LA with Blake Griffin’s star rising as a Clipper. It’s likely her childhood was one of privilege and wealth thanks to Blake’s max contract. She probably wanted for nothing – except perhaps more time with her busy, NBA star dad.

Schooling & Education

Now 6 years old, Finley is likely attending private elementary schooling in LA. Bryant Cameron’s Instagram shows horse riding lessons, indicating Finley may share her mom’s love of sports. It will be interesting to see if Finley one day plays basketball like both her parents.

Personality & Interests

As she’s so young, little has been shared about Elaine’s personality. Is she outgoing and extroverted? Shy and introverted? A creative arts kid or math & science whiz? Close friends suggest she is bright, energetic and has a mischievous streak – taking strongly after dad Blake Griffin’s humor.

Impact of Parent’s Split

The bitter split between Blake and Brynn so early in Elaine’s childhood is likely having profound impacts on her psyche. Issues around abandonment, stability and reconciling two fractured parental units may manifest in later life without proper counseling and guidance. Access to such support resources has not been confirmed.

Relationship With Father

Her current relationship with globally-famous dad Blake while living separately is unclear. Due to a likely custody arrangement, Elaine may only see Blake periodically when his NBA schedule allows. Lack of a full-time father figure could significantly impact her childhood development and relationships.

Long Term Impacts

Only time will tell how growing up amidst messy lawsuits & media headlines ultimately impacts Finley. While the future is uncertain, there is no doubt her controversial early years will shape who Finley Elaine Griffin grows up to be.

Finley Elaine Griffin

The Lawsuit : Brynn Cameron vs Blake Griffin

In 2018, Brynn Cameron launched a lawsuit against Blake Griffin for palimony financial support for herself and their two children (Finley and Cole).

The Claims
  • Griffin promised to financially support Cameron from 2014 onwards
  • This included providing a home, cars, and cash allowances
  • Griffin allegedly reneged on the verbal agreement after leaving Cameron in 2018
  • Cameron claims she gave up her job and life plans to support his NBA career
  • The lawsuit demanded monthly child support costs, compensation, and more

At the time of the 2018 lawsuit, Blake Griffin’s 5-year $173 million contract had just kicked in. Cameron’s lawyers demanded half of his monthly income ($258,000) in child support payments.

They also asked for retroactive payments stretching back to October 2014, compensation for Cameron’s career loss, a home in Manhattan Beach, and a lifetime of expenses including college tuition for the kids.

Griffin’s Defense

Griffin’s legal team disputed the claims, saying Cameron was seeking “a windfall based on payments that never occurred.” They went on to note:

Brynn did not sacrifice her career for the sake of Blake’s. Brynn has her own lucrative career as a businesswoman who runs her own foundation.

The Settlement

After months of disputes, in 2020 the palimony lawsuit was reportedly settled privately out of court. The details were confidential, but according to lawyers, Cameron likely received child support, compensation, and some shared custody agreement.

Finley now primarily lives with her mother and half-brother Cole under the custody arrangement. The now 6-year old is likely unaware of the legal drama surrounding her parents’ split.

Why The Case Matters

Beyond the tabloid headlines, the Griffin vs Cameron case brings up important points about protections for unmarried parents:

1. Legal Rights for Unwed Partners

As they never officially married, Cameron had limited legal rights upon their breakup. Her palimony lawsuit attempted to claim some form of common law marriage based on verbal agreements and sacrifices she made.

The case highlighted flaws in how the legal system treats the property rights of unwed couples raising kids together. Prenuptial agreements are recommended for high-profile couples.

2. Setting Precedents For NBA Contracts

The lawsuit was watching by other NBA couples, as it threatened to award Cameron up to 50% of Blake’s massive $173 million Clippers deal.

If successful, it may have set new precedents around NBA player income and divorce settlements. However, the confidential private settlement kept the existing status quo intact.

3. Custody and Child Support Battles

Finley got caught in the middle as her parents battled over custody arrangements as well as child & palimony support claims.

The case was a good example of how ugly uncoupling disputes can become when large sums of money are involved – especially with kids stuck in between.

Where Are They Now in 2023?

So four years after the lawsuit upended their family, where are Finley, Blake, and the others now in 2023?

Finley Elaine Griffin is now 6, nearly 7 years old. She primarily lives with her mother Brynn Cameron, along with half-brother Cole (16) in Los Angeles. Finley reportedly has a close relationship with both parents.

Blake Griffin is still an NBA star, albeit now playing for the Boston Celtics. No longer the high flyer he once was, Griffin has developed his playmaking and shooting skills. He continues to work in TV and comedy during his offseasons.

Brynn Cameron is running the Brynn Cameron Foundation and raising her two kids. She has made no public statement about her relationship with Blake Griffin post-lawsuit. The 38-year old still resides in LA near her extended family.

And Matt Leinart? He has faded from the headlines. The ex-NFL bust is working Southern California in real estate while co-parenting his son Cole Cameron Leinart with Brynn.

FAQs on Finley Elaine Griffin

What caused the breakdown of her parents’ relationship?

Blake Griffin and Brynn Cameron seemed happy together for years. They had a daughter, Finley, while Griffin’s career was skyrocketing.

But something happened in late 2017 that led to their sudden split and cancelled wedding just days before the ceremony. Those events have never been fully explained.

Did the palimony settlement money go towards Finley’s upbringing?

After the 2018 lawsuit, Brynn Cameron likely walked away with a large settlement sum either in cash, assets, or child support payments. It’s unclear if or how this money has been used to support Finley Elaine Griffin.

Why did Brynn pursue legal action so aggressively?

Some saw Brynn’s palimony lawsuit as a cash grab. But she may have felt wronged after uprooting her nonprofit foundation to support Blake’s career. The big question is – did Brynn have reasonable grounds for the lawsuit or was it excessive?

Did Blake Griffin abandon Finley and her brother?

Brynn alleged that after their split, Blake largely cut contact with her and their two kids. Blake disputed this. The real truth likely lies somewhere in between. Either way, Finley was an innocent kid stuck in the middle.

How did the legal battle impact Finley’s upbringing?

Having your parents go through a bitter public breakup and dispute can’t be easy on any small child. It’s unknown if being in tabloids so early on is affecting her childhood development.

Could Brynn and Blake’s truce still crumble?

Both sides agreed to end the lawsuit with a private settlement in 2020. But if there are ever disputes over child support payments or custody issues again, it could get ugly fast.

What does the future hold for Finley’s fractured family?

Now six years old, Finley Elaine Griffin seems to have two separate families – the LA-based Cameron side and Blake Griffin’s life in Boston. It remains to be seen if her parents’ relationship will ever heal enough to provide a stable family environment.