Do Audible Credits Expire in the USA? What You Need to Know About Losing Your Credits

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Do Audible Credits Expire in the USA? Audible, the leading provider of spoken audio entertainment and audiobooks, offers credits to members that can be redeemed for any audiobook in their premium selection. With over 200,000 audiobook titles to choose from, Audible credits provide members tremendous value and flexibility in selecting audio content. However, a common question asked by members is do Audible credits expire?

Do Audible Credits Expire in the USA?
Do Audible Credits Expire in the USA?

Do Audible Credits Expire in the USA?

Before diving into the expiration question, it’s helpful to understand precisely what Audible credits are and how they work:

  • Audible credits are essentially tokens that hold monetary value and can be exchanged for premium audiobooks in the Audible store.
  • Most Audible memberships come with a set number of credits per month. For example, the Gold membership includes 1 credit per month for $14.95.
  • Unused credits roll over when you have more credits in your account than you can use in the membership period.
  • Credits have no cash value – they can only be used to purchase more content on Audible.

So in summary, Audible credits are included with an Audible membership, enable you to get premium audiobooks, roll over if unused during the membership period, but cannot be redeemed for cash.

Do credits expire with an active membership? No
Do credits roll over month-to-month? Yes
Do credits have an expiration date? No
What happens when you cancel membership? 60 day expiration countdown starts
When do unused credits expire after cancellation? After 60 days
Can expired credits be recovered? No
Where to view current credit balance? Account Details section

Do They Expire?

With that background in mind, the short answer is no – Audible credits currently do not expire or have an expiration date for members in the United States.

As long as you maintain continuous Audible membership, any unused Audible credits stay in your account indefinitely. They will roll over from month-to-month and year-to-year with no threat of expiration.

Some key pointers around expiration:

  • No expiration as long as you are an active Audible member
  • Credits expire if you cancel your Audible membership
  • Expiration can vary for Audible in other countries outside the USA
  • Audible has full discretion to implement expirations in the future

So in summary, Audible credits remain safe and sound, with no looming expiration date on the horizon for US members. As long as your membership is active, credits stay active as well.

When Credits Expire

The only scenario in which unused Audible credits expire is when you cancel your Audible membership entirely.

If you decide to close your account for any reason, here is what happens to any credits that remained unused:

  • Expire after 60 days – You’ll receive an email alerting you that your credits will expire 60 days from cancellation
  • You’ll have 60 days to redeem credits before they disappear forever
  • Cannot use credits if membership remains canceled
  • Expiration gives time to reactivate membership

So in essence, Audible gives members a 60 day closing period to redeem credits or reactivate membership to rescue the credits from expiration. But if neither action happens within 60 days, the credits vanishing into thin air. Poof!

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What Happens When Credits Expire

If Audible credits do end meeting their demise within that 60 day post-cancellation window, here are the implications:

  • Unused credits disappear – Obviously the credits vanish and cannot be reclaimed
  • No refund or credit for the value – Audible keeps the monetary value
  • Future membership restarts at 0 – Reactivating starts credit count from zero
  • Can contact Audible to review options

As a fair warning, Audible has no obligation to refund, reinstate, or reimburse credits that expire following cancellation. Their policy states unused credits have no cash value, so nothing is owed.

But it never hurts to contact Audible via phone or chat to review options if credits unexpectedly expired. There is an outside chance of goodwill credit reinstatement, but certainly no guarantees.

Tips to Avoid Losing Credits

To ensure you avoid the agony of watching unused Audible credits evaporate into nothingness, follow these handy tips:

Stay proactive – Monitor your credit balance monthly and redeem credits for audiobooks you’ll actually enjoy listening to in the near future. Don’t let too many unused credits accumulate endlessly.

Avoid cancellation – Obviously don’t cancel Audible membership if you still have outstanding credits to use, unless you plan to redeem all credits before expiration.

Double check expiration – When you do cancel Audible for any reason, note the 60 day expiration timeline for credits. Mark your calendar if needed.

Reactivate if needed – If you change your mind or haven’t used credits within 60 days post cancellation, quickly reactivate membership.

Set expiration reminders – Use Audible or calendar reminders to prompt you to redeem credits before the 60 days elapses. Don’t let them slip away!

Following these tips religiously should help you avoid the dreaded fate of seeing unused Audible credits fade into the sunset. Be vigilant!

Do Audible Credits Expire? Answering the Question Once and For All

Do credits expire if membership becomes inactive?

No, credits are preserved if your account simply lapses with inactivity. But if you proactively cancel membership, then the 60 day expiration clock starts ticking.

Where can I see how many credits I have remaining?

You can view your current Audible credit balance at anytime by visiting “Account Details” in your account settings area online or in the mobile apps.

What happens to annual plan credits if I cancel mid-year?

As long as any portion of the pre-paid annual period is unexpired at cancellation, credits should remain intact for 60 days just like monthly plans before being forfeited.

Can I rescue expired credits after the 60 days ends?

Unfortunately no. Once 60 days passes after cancellation, unused credits are permanently expired and removed from the account with no recovery options from Audible.

Do gift or promotional credits also expire after cancellation?

Yes, the same 60 day credit expiration policy applies universally to all unused Audible credits that remained in account at cancellation, regardless the original source.

So in summary, outside of active Audible memberships in the USA, unused Audible credits face eventual expiration and removal 60 days after membership cancellation. So be sure to redeem those credits while you can!